Just too late

Keellie sitting in the therapist's office is asked to read a note, as she does you learn Kayliegh's story however it may not be quite what you think Keellie has helped in destroying Kayliegh 's life but these two girls are linked in a way you wouldn't first imagine.
Keellie has something to say and someones willing to listen so please take the time to hear to you might be surprised not all bullies are cruel and heartless.


4. Kayliegh- it changed to secrets in the hall



I could hear the mumbles as I walked down the hall little secrets that everyone but me was allowed to hear.




I kept my head up

But one person can only take it for so long

I began to crack

Everyone noticed

So they stepped it up

Made it worse

The texts began I wondered how they had my number but the answer was obvious I just didn’t want to believe it at first.

I was sitting in class and I could hear people whispering things to me and I tried my best to brush it off but…

I felt something hit my head and catch in the collar of my shirt followed by the sniggers of surrounding class mates. I grabbed the piece of scrunched up paper and held it in my shaking finger tips wondering whether unravelling it was a good idea stupidly I did

Ignoring us won’t make us leave you alone freak

I scrunched it back up and put it aside only to feel a repeat of before and I unravelled the second ball of note paper to hit me

Diddums’ can you not at least stand up for yourself it’s pathetic

I did my best to ignore it again. I began clock watching praying to be able to go home but I realised that I’m never going to be able to escape it because I have the privilege of taking it all home with me.

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