Just too late

Keellie sitting in the therapist's office is asked to read a note, as she does you learn Kayliegh's story however it may not be quite what you think Keellie has helped in destroying Kayliegh 's life but these two girls are linked in a way you wouldn't first imagine.
Keellie has something to say and someones willing to listen so please take the time to hear to you might be surprised not all bullies are cruel and heartless.


1. Keellie - Trying to go on


 “I felt so alone” I could almost hear her whisper

I felt so alone!” I could almost hear her scream

 In my head,

 No it’s real, it’s her

“It can’t be” I mumble tossing and turning in my bed allowing the voice in my head to tear me apart.

You deserve it” I hear her voice again every day it won’t leave my thoughts or give me a moment of peace, not that I even deserve it.

“Keellie anything you say to me won’t leave the room”

I shrug not even able to make eye contact with this woman claiming she can help she says she can understand your problems …but she could never understand mine

I could tell her

But she will listen to half the story and turn me away in disgust, recoil in horror over what I had done.

What I had done to her.          

I looked back to the woman across from me and pulled a crumpled letter out to read.

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