Keraiina The One True Priest

Keraiina is a Priest that loves her family very much, but after the last attack on their village she is determined to leave. Even though Exodar happens to be her home, she feels that the walls of Stormwind will protect her from the horde attacks that kill off so many of her kind each day. She sets out on her journey to travel to Stormwind and train with the trainers with the hope of one day becoming the most powerful Priest that ever lived.


2. Stormwind


After I arrived in Stormwind , I found the city to be enormous. My first destination was Mage Quarter. I arrived through a portal in heart of a large stone tower. My first step on the outside of the portal was complete shock. I eased out of the opening and looked down towards the ground. I must have been inches away from the Goddess. Finally my legs gave birth to movement and I was able to slowly walk down the ramp without falling.

“Are you new here?” A seasoned pally asked as he stood before me.

“Are you talking to me?”

“Of course I am. You’re the only one standing there little one.”

“I’ve just arrived from Exodar.”

“What are you doing here? You’re only a level two priest.”

“I know what I am. I came here to train and level. I plan on making Stormwind my home.”

“In that case, I will invite you to my guild. We are small, yet we are a family never the less.”

I looked around for others like me, but all I saw were straight legs, and hairy beast walking in my direction. The pally was waiting for a reply so I nodded with gratitude. “I, shall join your guild if you show me where the inn is, and you help me to find an area to level.”

“Done! By the way, my name is Arlath. Welcome to the WoW Munchers.”

Stormwind was massive. I saw races upon races. Ironically they all seemed to get along. There were high priest standing in the square, and people walking around with refreshments. I saw mounts that were taller than their riders, and warriors that were shorter than our shortest draenies. “Show me the inn please.”

“I will hold on. This is our auction house, get friendly with it because it will save your life as you level. Over there behind the fountain is our bank. You can have anything you need in the guild bank. You are too low for the armor right now, but after you quest a bit you will be ready.”

The auction house was full of warriors, mages, pallies, and horrible looking death knights. The crowd gathered before the auctioneer reminded me of our draenies being confined in the inn. “I have no need of this place.”

“Here is the inn and I will give you twenty gold coins. You can buy bags or you can look in our bank and grab some from there.”

I made my home at the inn and quickly walked to the bank. After I took a few bags, I equipped them and waited for my escort to take me to my new leveling ground.  

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