Keraiina The One True Priest

Keraiina is a Priest that loves her family very much, but after the last attack on their village she is determined to leave. Even though Exodar happens to be her home, she feels that the walls of Stormwind will protect her from the horde attacks that kill off so many of her kind each day. She sets out on her journey to travel to Stormwind and train with the trainers with the hope of one day becoming the most powerful Priest that ever lived.


1. Goodbye


I was always different from the other draeneis  in Exodar . My family consisted of shammies and tanks. Clothes wearers were always looked down on because their life expectancy was shorter than the average draenei.  I didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of my brother and sisters. So, I picked the path of the priest. Today I’m standing in line for the first time waiting to see my trainer, and franticly awaiting for my orders.

“Keraiina, come back to Exodar. You must hide now. The horde is attacking our village once again,” stated my brother Kalpi. “You won’t stand a chance against him, he is a seasoned fighter.”

I knew my brother meant well, but I knew my training was super important so I looked at Kalpi as he stood with shield in his hand. “Kalpi, I must train if I’m ever going to protect the Draenei. I will not retreat until my trainer has shown me how to fight, or at least heal my family.”

“You don’t understand, they are killing everyone, Keraiina.”

I looked around and noticed our guards running towards the wooded area. Perhaps Kalpi was right, but training wouldn’t take long, and my people would need it after this attack. “I will train. Trainer, train me now.”

After my training was over we ran back to our village and draenies were laying everywhere. The horde had killed most of my village, young and old. I needed armor, any type of armor. I ran back to Exodar and begged the merchant to give me whatever cloth armor he could find. The only thing I was able to get was thin robe, and slippers to keep my feet from getting wet.

“Keraiina, what are you doing here? You know the routine. After an attack we always hide in the back of the inn until we are sure the attacker is no longer on our lands,” Kalpi stated.

“I know that, but today I must find another way. I’m trading a mage a stack of jewels for my portal to Stormwind,” I stated  sadly.

“You can’t leave Exodar. You aren’t ready.”

“If I want to train in peace brother I have no choice,” I replied as I walked away to my destiny.


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