A Change Of Heart


2. Taylor

Its the first day of fourth year and im now walking to school. At the school gate people were chatting, playing games and running about. Just as I walked in I seen my old friend Taylor, she was with her friends she looked at me, moving her head up and down staring at me from my head to my foot in disgust. " Look at what Selena is wearing haha she looks like she came out of a bin. I cant believe shes even in our year. What a disgrace to our school having someone like her in it. I heard that she lives in a small house, so small that they only have 3 rooms. They dont even have a garden. Did u know she isnt alowd to go out because her parents say that shes too young haha ... shes fifteen now" whispered Taylor, her friends all stared me gossiping in a small group.

Taylor is 5 feet tall she has brown curly hair and bright blue eyes. We used to be best friends, well ... best friends for a few months. When I first started my new school, I was partners with her for a few subjects and we got to know each other more, She helped me with my homework and helped me to ignore people when they made fun of me. She made me happy when I was feeling low. She didnt have any friends at that time and she used to get bullied aswell.

We used to be friends until the end of 2nd year, when her dad became a loyer and her mum became a famous actress, I was really happy for her. Everyone stopped bullying her, they were all nice to her and the popular people wanted to be her friend. Her family became richer and everyday she would wear new cloths, new jewellery and new stationary she brags about getting everything she wants and where shes going on holiday she became a diva. That when we stopped being friends. Everytime I tried to talk to Taylor someone always has to but in and push me away from her. I tried sitting next to her at lunch but when I sit down her friends say " lets sit somewhere else", and Taylor always follows them.

She will never remember the fun we used to have together. The class still makes fun of me and Taylor is now joining in. I thought she was different, i thought she was loyal

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