A Change Of Heart


1. Invisible

Its the end of summer and im going back to school. Im going to be in 4th year. I honestly hate school. Everything was fine when I started High School, until I moved house and that obviously meant I had to move school. I had to move because my mum got a new job. I moved school when I was in 2nd year. I thought that starting a new school would be exciting and fun, meeting new friends and teachers, things didnt go the way I expected it to be.

Everyone made fun of the cloths I wore. My whole class laughed everytime I got an answer wrong and when I got the answer right people called me a teachers pet, it gets really annoying. When were doing group work they leave me out and I can never get anyone to listen to any of my ideas. During lunch I had no one to talk to.I told my parents but they wouldnt listen to me I told them so many times i hated school, i was getting bullied but they said if I just ignore them they will go away but the truth is they wont ... they never will. Ive got a few more years in this school. 

Even at home I get bullied ive got a facebook and a twitter account, I always get mean messages and comments people telling me to kill myself and people telling me that I look ugly. Ive tried blocking them but it doesnt work they keep coming and comming it never ends.

Ive called and texted my old friends from my old school but they dont reply me or call me back. It makes me feel like I dont belong in this world... no one knows what im going throught and it really hurts, i even sometimes cry myself to sleep. It stresses me out, I just want to live a normal life..having fun at school and having at least one friend to talk to and share my problems with. I dont even want to think about my future, im not good at anything. Everything I do fails and I dissappoint my parents. I dont even have the chance to talk to them, they have to work all day and night they hardly have any time to spare.

I feel invisible.

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