A Change Of Heart


4. Be yourself

Its my third week of school now and my first subject is maths.. maths in the morning. I really enjoy doing maths except one thing... Im partnered up with Taylor. Our names were one after the other in the register and since we have a new teacher this year he really doesnt know any of our names. We had to do math puzzles. I didnt mind working with her. She hasnt said anything to be since the first day of fourth year. Everything was ok until I heard someone say" ohh no look Sellys in school today haha i wouldnt of noticed her if it hasnt for her smell". I really wanted to say soemthing back but to be honest I was too scared and I would proberbly get in to trouble aswell and im trying to keep a clean record for later on when I hopelessly go out of school and try to find a job. Id be lucky to even get a part time job the only thing im good at is maths.

"Right class on your table you should have a booklet, your working in partners today I will only give you 30 minuites to complete this and whoever finnishes first or works well together and puts lots of effort in it will win the Math Challenge trophy. Your time starts now" shouted Mr Finkle.

I felt awkward, ive not sat next to Taylor in a while. "What are we supose to do?" asked Taylor, looking at her nails.

"Its easy all you have to do is times all the number up" I said quietly. She looked confused. "Using a calculator obviously he doesnt expect you to do it in your head, well im sure you dont need a calculator anyway, your brain is like a calculator".

" Shhh.... I dont want anyone to know im good at maths, they would all think im a nerd and.. and that would ruin everything" Taylor hisssed.

"Why would you hide something your good at? and why did you fail all of your tests? If you just used your head we would get this challenge completed and we would win the trophy" I whispered.

"Why? becasue people will make fun of me and call me a nerd and I wont have any friends.. just like you. Its nearly thirty minuites now anyway theres no point" moaned Taylor.


I got really annoyed I could feel anger rushing out of me "I may not have any friends but at least I show people who I really am. Your living your life hiding in the shadows pretending your not that person you really are. You have a long career ahead of you, your good at everything but your pretending it by getting low marks on tests just to be popular. What are you going to do when your older? you wont be so popular later on when you dont have a job and you will only have yourself to blame"I shouted.

Just as the bell rang and I was walking to the door I quickly turned around and said "I remember that time when you told me that I have to be myself and should just ignore what people said about me, thats what keeps me going everyday, I keep on saying that in my head and you know what... it really doesnt matter what people say about me im just a bigger person than them and things will get better if I keep on going in life. I know somewhere inside of you theres a heart and if you were smart enough you would know that school is for learning and its also part of your career. Im just trying to help you before its too late, like you helped me a while ago, you should just be yourself".

For once I felt happy that I told her how I felt, keeping it inside of me really hurts and sometimes its good to let words out.




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