A Change Of Heart


5. A change of heart

Just as I walked home I heard taylor shout my name.

" Selena, Selena wait" shouted Taylor. I quicky spun around and stopped walking.

"You shouldnt chase after me in public people will see you with me" I said

" I.. I came to say im sorry and your right I really should just be myself I was just really scared. I wanted more friends to hang out with and im sorry I shouldnt of been so selfish and im really sorry for making fun of you. I can never be like you, your so strong and you believe in yourself thats something I could never do and im glad you spoke to me in maths your right about everything im ruining my career and I know my parents wouldnt want me to do that either and thanks you really are a true friend. I know you would proberbly be mad with me and I understand but I was thinking maybe we could hang out sometime?... I understand if you dont. Ive never had a true friend like you before may not be go good at everything but the only reason people bully you is because you are an amazing person and non of them can ever be like you. From now on im going to be myself im going to try and not care what people thing of me im sorry I was never there for you but I will promise I will try" smiled Taylor. For the first time this year I seen her real smile when shes really happy.

"I really missed you and im glad your being yourself again, you have so much to offer when your yourself".

Life is like a road theres always turns.


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