A Change Of Heart


3. 4th year

Even in fourth year people still makes fun of me and calls me names... people never grow up. The first week of fourth year was horrible. I really wished i was invisible now. During class people kept on coming up to my table and saying " something really smells in this table i think it might be Selena" and in the corridors people tripped me up along the way to every class.

In gym in the changing rooms girls took my gym kit and threw them in the bin and told me that they were too old and i really needed to get new sports cloths and shoes. My parents cant even afford to buy me anything.


People had put up terrible pictures of me on the internet. I really hated my class so much my parents cant move me to a different school and everytime when i told a teacher pupils always come back to me and say " why did you tell on me for, is Selena too scared , can she not take it anymore? she has to cry and run to a teacher ? haha what a loser". I dont know what to do anymore. I really do need help.

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