1. Sensational

Jason sat on my bed, his fingers tapping the side of his blue guitar as he hummed the tune of the song blasting through the radio.

"Come on," he said to me, "you know the words!"

"Yeah", I replied, playfully hitting his shoulder. "But I'm not as good a singer as you..."

That was true, Jason was an amazing singer. His band, Free Puppies, often played at the pizzeria near to school, and being his girlfriend, I'd been to every show.

By now, he was singing along at the top of his lungs, looking at me and slapping the guitar strings with his thumb. I laughed at how cute he was, and pulled out my phone.

"Jase, this is so going on YouTube!"  

* * *

I awoke to a binging sound coming from beside my bed. I blinked slowly, looking at the clock. 2.31 AM. Eurgh, what was that noise?

I ran my hand along the bedside table, my palm eventually reaching my vibrating phone. Who would be calling at this hour?

"Yes?" I croaked groggily, pulling the phone to my ear.

"Hi there, my name is Dallas Drew" an American accent greeted me. "Is this YouTube user pinkrose57?"

"Uh, yeah. Lauren Rose, actually." I replied.

"When was the last time you checked your account?" the man asked.

"A couple of hours ago when I uploaded a video. Why, is something wrong?"

"You might want to check again, Miss Rose." he said.

I pulled my laptop up off the floor and clicked onto YouTube. Wait a second, this couldn't be right...

"Miss Rose, your video of this boy, Jason, singing, that you uploaded last night has the most views we here at Maximum Records have seen in a long time. He's gonna be real famous soon. And we'd like to hire him."


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