star crossed lovers

young teenagers fall in love but they both take drastic measures. with both him and her life


1. perfect

                 hand in hand the two star crossed lovers fell deep within there dazzling teenage eyes as they glared upon there passionate love between them. the difference between being ugly and beautiful was a pair of NHS glasses. tension lay in there stomach as they leaned towards each other. not a wispier of sound was heard as they lay in the field. 

summer-days was truly splendid the sun was out and people were walking there dogs the grass freshly cut and scrumptious various smells spread across the air of home made jam tarts.

it was him. the one. xavier. spelt with a X and ended in a R. i half longed for this day to come,the day in which i could see him. his short black hair stood up straight on his head bits of blonde highlights here and there. the husky friendly voice that bellowed from this muscular hard chest and his spinney long legs that dangled from his hips. perfect. perfect was the word to describe the handsome looking boy that lay before me. besides the charming good looks he and personalty. personality that any young girl would dream of. i would plan to have big dreams the 'white' wedding and many kids. the marriages you would see on fairy tales or episodes of EastEnders when they travel into the sunset and never come back to reality just the dream . 


besides were just two young teenagers trying to find out what love really is about. life what does it mean? friends who really are your friends? you. are you the one for me? endless questions run throughout minds.  everyone wants the truth but not everyone wants to be honest you cant love with your brain only with your heart. Xavier was the one for me i was certain positive in fact i had no doubt in correcting myself that he is the one. his perfect. but what can god teach about being perfect my question has not be answered image what perfect would be like ; who would be perfect one day god shall listen and shall answer my doubtful question but for now Xavier is perfect, perfect indeed and non shall change my powerful and understandable strong feelings for a teenage love . 










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