World of Warcraft-master and mount

My entry for the WoW comp... told from the point of veiw of a frostsaber, the mount of a sentinel night elf. If you notice anything wrong or that wouldn't happen in WoW, please let me know! I have never played it but it sounds awesome!


2. chapter two - hunter to hunted.

When I woke up, I realised that both me and Starshade had overslept. We had been tired, yes. But we had fallen asleep in the evening. Now, it wasalmost mid-day. I stretched, and nudged Starshade with my nose. He had to hurry and wake up! I listened carefully. Then I realised something. Something that could cost us our freedom...


The huge army who had been following us had us completely surrounded.


In other words, we were completely trapped. Starshade woke up slowly. I snorted and pushed my nose against him urgently. He looked at me with concern. The questions were already on his face. Why was I so urgently trying to tell him something? What was it I wanted to tell him? I circled him, trying to tell him what I meant.

"Swiftclaw, why are you circling me? Someone is... someone is circling us?" he guessed. I shook my head as he picked up his longbow. He was a sentinel, but even he couldn't face the army. I swiped my paw around, pointing it to the trees.

"There are more than one?" he asked. I gave a slight nod. Then he seemed to realise who it was. The army.

"Oh, no..." he muttered, his eyes nervous. He knew what would happen if we didn't get away fast. I bent down, and he climbed onto my back. Swiftly and silenty, I leapt through the trees. We had to get past them. Trouble was, they were everywhere. I could smell them, but I couldn't hear them. They were so stealthy they seemed almost elven. My predator eyes widened even further. Blood elves.


There was no way we could escape. There was no gaps through their barrier of elves. I paced around, stealthily trying to find some way of escape. Then, all so very suddenly, the ambush started.


Before I could register what was happening, a dragonhawk dived down through the trees and knocked me over, onto my bad shoulder. Starshade toppled off, and it screeched. I would know it's cry anywhere. Furyfighter. The dragonhawk that killed one of my trainers other frostsabers. Furyfighter was known amoung the sentinels as a vicious beast that turns up every so often to cause chaos. Last time he'd come to Darnassus, he had killed the young frostsaber. His rider, a fast and deadly blood elf, leapt off his back as he came down for a second strike. His talons raked against my fur, causing blood, my blood, to trickle out. Arrows were fired. Dragonhawks and hawkstriders attacked us, their riders inflicting damage as well. Blood elves without mounts closed in on us and attacked. All I knew was my enemies death and my own pain. And Starshade. He fought bravely, but he wasn't winning. We couldn't best the night elves. We could only go down as heroes. Starshade was suddenly caught by surprise. A dragonhawk grabbed him between its talons, flying him high above the trees. Then, he pulled an arrow from his quiver, and stabbed the dragonhawks arm. It let go.


And Starshade fell.


I instinctively ran forward to catch him. But two hawkstriders rammed into my stomach, and as I jumped, they bashed me painfully to the ground. Their riders fired two arrows at me. I barely noticed the pain - Starshade was in trouble, I could hardly think about myself. I could hear Starshade crashing through the leaves of the tree. And then his body fell, almost lifeless, to the floor in front of me. I roared in rage. He wasn't dead, but he was hardly alive. I charged forward, and grabbed his armour between my teeth. Half dragging, half carrying Starshade along, I ran wildly through the trees, knocking every blood elf aside who stood in my way. I had to get him out alive. I ignored the countless arrows that stuck into my sides, bloodying my pelt.


And then, that one moment, that one moment that would probably end our lives, came.


The trap.


A carefully placed pit trap was the one thing between me and freedom. I was trying so hard to stay alive, that I didn't notice the trap that had been dug deep, and covered with things from the forest floor. I might have noticed it. I might have done. But I wasn't paying any attention to my surroundings. And that was where everything went wrong.


I was running so fast that I almost didn't fall in. Almost. But I did. My paws were on ground, it didn't feel normal, and then I fell, just a milisecond after I realised what I had just done. I roared as we fell into the trap. My powerful body landed heavily on the ground. I climbed to my paws, and tried to escape, my claws scrabling on the earthy sides. Blood elves quickly surounded the trap, their weapons pointed towards us. There was no escape. Angered, I snarled at them, fangs bared and eyes furious. They just jeered, laughed, and insulted us. I hadn't just lost my own freedom. I had lost Starshades. My best friend, my rider, the only elf who had ever truly meant anything to me. And I had just let him down. I had just let Starshade down. I snarled as the net was thrown over us. I snarled as they dragged us out, me helplessly trying to free myself. I snarled as they threw us in a huge cage. I snarled as Furyfighter watched us with his deep, seemingly burning eyes. But snarling wasn't going to free us, was it?

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