World of Warcraft-master and mount

My entry for the WoW comp... told from the point of veiw of a frostsaber, the mount of a sentinel night elf. If you notice anything wrong or that wouldn't happen in WoW, please let me know! I have never played it but it sounds awesome!


3. chapter three - Descision (Told by Furyfighter)

I looked at the night elf and his mount. I almost respected the frost saber, keeping strong and staying proud, in the middle of blood elf territory. But this wasn't going to do him any good though. It wasn't like our leader, (and my master) Scar, would see this as something good. Secretly, I hated serving Scar. He was cruel, heartless, and greedy. All he cared about was fame and money. And he had taken enough of that from the night elf. Capturing a sentinel would get him noticed by Lor'themar Theron, his ultimate leader. Another reason I hated Scar was this. He had captured loads of the dragonhawks, leaving very few in the wild. He had taken my friends, my family, everything. Everything I knew. And I did nothing about it. I sat, watching as Scar captured dragonhawk after dragonhawk after dragonhawk. I could have saved some of them. But now, it's too late. Scar had spent ages rounding up the dragonhawks for the Horde. I was his personal favorite, and so he kept me for his own. And all the while, I did nothing. And now, there is no way to save the other dragonhawks, because they are all locked up with loads of gaurds.


Secretly, I had hoped the night elf might free them.


But now, because I had ambushed them so perfectly, they would never get the chance. I wish I had left them alone, ignored Scars whispered threats, and maybe, just maybe, they could have saved the dragonhawks.

"Furyfighter?" a girls voice asked slowly. I turned around to look at battleheart, the blood elf who I had taken an instant liking too four months ago, when she had joined the Horde's army, under Scar's commandment. She had guessed about my feelings, how I missed the others of my kind, how I wanted to be set free. I think she felt the same. Battleheart had always loved dragonhawks, or at least she had told me. She was always slipping away to see me. I liked being together, and so did she.

"You think they could have set the dragonhawks free?" she asked me. Yet again, she had read my thoughts. She tended to be good at that. I turned my head to look at her, and my eyes said it all.

"Hmmm. Well, what if we made a deal with them? We set them free, they save the dragonhawks." She said. I looked at her eyes. They were concerned, and serious. I couldn't beleive what she was saying. Set a sentinel free? A sentinel that we had been after for months now? I wasn't sure. I mean, it sounded like a good plan and all, but if we were caught...

"Well, think about it." Battleheart told me. "I want them to be free just as much as you, you know. Then me and you could fly off, and we could survive on our own, well, not completely on our own, we'd have the other dragonhawks... But still! Listen, I'll be back this evening. Be here with a descision. Okay? Bye, then, Furyfighter. See you tonight." And with that, she was gone.


I thought about what Battleheart had said. Did she really beleive that we could get past the gaurds, retreive the night elfs weapons, get him to free the dragonhawks, and THEN run off? It had seemed like an okay-ish plan at first, but now, I knew we had a hundred to one chance of sucseeding, probably even a thousand to one. If dragonhawks could sigh, I would have done.


Where was Battleheart? It was evening, and she should have showed up by now. It wasn't like Battleheart to be late. I was getting worried. What if Scar had found out that she'd been making plans to disobey him? What if...? I looked around, trying to calm down. She had probably just been caught up. She'd be here in no time. But there was hardly a part of me that beleived that. Battleheart had always been there when she was supposed to be. She never got her times wrong. She made sure there was time for me, and now, I needed her more than ever before.

"Sorry, Furyfighter! Just had to get this." a familiar voice whispered. My head spun round, and there was Battleheart! She wasn't alone. There were two other blood elves with her, and they were carrying the night elves weapons and equipment.

"We sort of killed the gaurds." she explained as I starred at the stuff in awe.

"Yeah. I hope it was worth it. Scar will kill us if this doesn't work!" her male companion hissed. She grinned, like he had just made a joke, not warned them of death. I couldn't beleive her. She had killed Scars gaurds to help me. Wow. I wish she was my rider.

"Oh yeah, and these are my friends. Silent," Battleheart gestured to the small female blood elf she had brought along, "And Arrowburn" This time she pointed at the male who had spoken a few seconds ago. Silent nodded a greeting, but Arrowburn did nothing but sigh like we were all about to die, which we were.

"So. Furyfighter. You in?" she asked me. I would have said no, but looking at her determined face, and glancing at the night elf and his mount, I could only nod.

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