World of Warcraft-master and mount

My entry for the WoW comp... told from the point of veiw of a frostsaber, the mount of a sentinel night elf. If you notice anything wrong or that wouldn't happen in WoW, please let me know! I have never played it but it sounds awesome!


1. chapter one - pleasure of killing.

I padded up to the elven sentinel - my best friend and rider. Starshade. He smiled breifly at me, but he knew we were being followed. No joy could truly make us happy enough. I bent down, and waited for him to climb onto my back. He leapt up - an agile night elf who had travelled with me for what seemed like ages. Starshade didn't want to fight those who were following us. He knew there were too many. They would easily outnumber us, however skilled we were, however good we were as a team. Sometimes, I think he grew tired of the endless war with the Horde. But when he was in battle, he was certainly a changed elf. His longbow was well made and supremely amazing. Doubled by the fact he was a great shot, it made him one of the best archers to have lived. But still, he knew our chances against the huge number of enemies were slim. Starshade curled his fingers around my striped black and white fur. He never spoke the word, but I knew what he wanted me to do. Run. His word, his command that didn't seem commanding at all, floated through my mind. I tossed my head, and leaped forwards.


I stopped, my large paws digging into the earth as I stopped my seemingly endless running. Had I heard anything? I wasn't sure. Starshade leaped silently off my arched back. My fur bristled. There was something here. 

"What is it, Swiftclaw?" he murmured in a hushed voice. I listened. There it was. A low buzz of voices in the distance. Starshade placed a firm hand on my shoulder, instantly calming me. He glanced sideways at me. Then, his hand left my shoulder, as he stepped soundlessly up to a tree. I watched as he used his 'speak with plants' on the tree. He turned back to me.

"There's a small party of orcs up ahead. They passed here a day ago, travelling slowly. We could catch up with them..." His voice trailed off as he looked at me, almost as if asking my permission. He was the master, not me. But he was asking me. I felt proud and lucky to have a good rider. I gave a slight nod of my head. I knew how much he hated the orcs. Many sentinels did. I bent down, almost as if telling him to hurry up and get on my back. He smiled at me. The thrill of slaying our enemy was coming soon...


We approached the orcs camp, on gaurd and stealthier than normal. Killing orcs... I saw the pleasure in Starshades eyes. He already had an arrow notched, and was ready to attack. The orcs were being so loud that you would have thought they were in a banquet hall, not the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night! Starshades legs squeezed softly on my sides. This was the signal. Attack!


Arrow after arrow found its mark, striking orcs down to kill them all. I ran forward and tore through orcs, teeth and claws annhialating all in my path. My purpose became not to carry Starshade, but to kill. Green blood stained my white fur, not my blood, the orcs blood, the foul smelling, sickly green orc blood. I didn't mind. It would remind me of the killing that I so very much loved. I moved as if on instinct. Swipe, bite, crush under my paws, swipe, bite, crush... They were difficult to kill, but it was worth it. One slammed into me, sending me falling to the floor. I roared and swiped at its arm. But one strike could kill an orc. Starshade, who had somehow stayed on my back, shot arrows that penetrated evry inch of its skin. I leapt up, finishing it off with my sharp, dagger like fangs. I was a predator. I liked this. It was what I lived for. An axe sliced down onto my shoulder. An undescribable pain seemed to errupt from exactly where I had been hit. Enraged, Starshade pelted it with arrows, but another orc grabbed him from behind, pulling him off my back. I killed the orc who had hurt my shoulder, and leapt after Starshade. He had killed the orc, but there was blood on his face - the orc had smashed him hard with its fist. We carried on fighting. We weren't going to turn tail and run off like wimps. We took down the last one together. Good. They had all perished. The orcs had arrows sticking through them, or they had marks that I had inflicted to them. I snorted softly, then pushed my head against Starshades arm. He smiled at me, and I gave a slight pur.


Finally, when we had searched the orcs for anything valuable, we left. Starshade had taken nothing much - most of it was made for orcs. He had taken a few rare treasures, but they were small and easy to carry in my saddlebags. Soon, we had set off again, travelling fast through the forrest at a fast enough pace, despite my throbbing shoulder, which Starshade had healed slightly. Both exhausted, we finally stopped to sleep, not knowing what would happen if we did...

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