World of Warcraft-master and mount

My entry for the WoW comp... told from the point of veiw of a frostsaber, the mount of a sentinel night elf. If you notice anything wrong or that wouldn't happen in WoW, please let me know! I have never played it but it sounds awesome!


4. chapter four - the deal

Nothing could have surprised me more than when three blood elves and a dragonhawk suddenly killed the blood elves gaurding our cage. Starshade was wide awake, watching in amazement. Then I realised who the dragonhawk was. Furyfighter. Once they had killed the gaurds, all four of them walked up to our cage, grim expressions on their faces. The young girl spoke.

"If you would like us to set you free," she started. "Then you will help us with something. The leader of the blood elves has trapped loads of the dragonhawks up, and imprisoned them, ready for training. None of us like this idea, so..." her voice slowed down, and she didn't finish the sentance.

"So you will set us free and we help you?" Starshade finished. The girl nodded, and looked at us with her unmistakably blood elf eyes. I looked at Starshade. Should we trust them? I wasn't sure. They sounded pretty much like they were telling the truth. But they were with Furyfighter. Plus, they were blood elves... I didn't like this. There hadn't been one day in my life that I hadn't despised blood elves, and since I met him, I had hated Furyfighter as well. He had ambushed us in the forest before. How could we trust him after that?

"I know you have every reason to hate us." The girl said. "But if you want to be free, this is your only chance. All we ask is that you help us free the dragonhawks. Please. We will give you all your things back. Just help free the dragonhawks." She looked at us again. I could see nothing in her eyes that suggested trickery. But she was a blood elf. Starshade glanced at me.

"What do you think?" he asked quietly, though everyone standing here could hear us. I looked at the girl, then at her friends, then at Furyfighter. His eyes were untrusting, but also desperate. This really mattered to him. I put myself in his paws, well, talons I guess. All my friends and family were trapped by the same race who used me as mounts. I had no way of freeing them, unless... I trusted my worst enemy, who had every chance of overpowering us as soon as they were set free. I had to trust them more than they had to trust me.


I looked at Starshade, slowly nodding. After thinking about what it would be like for Furyfighter, I decided to go along with it. Starshade sighed.

"Fine. But if you show one bit of betraying us, we will kill you." he snarled. The girl grinned in releif, and her friends seemed happier as well.

"Great! Your stuff is over there. I'm Battleheart, this is Silent, and Arrowburn. Oh, and Furyfighter." she told us, fumbling around with the key but eventually managing to unlock the door. She sprinted over to the trees, beckoning us to follow her. I flicked my tail, and broke in to a run. I easily overtook Battleheart, and I think Furyfighter let me overtake him. He didn't want to seem like a rival, not at a time like this. I found our stuff, and pushed it towards Starshade with my nose. When he caught up, he picked up his bow and arrows. He smiled, shooting an arrow at a tree nearby. I saw Silent go to retreive the arrow. Starshade finally picked up my saddle, and strapped it onto my back. Soon, we were ready...


Battleheart lead us to the cages. There were loads of them, all stacked up together, each holding hundreds of dragonhawks.

"The key's in the center of the cages. I've been there before to get my mount." Arrowburn whispered.

"What happened to your mount?" asked Starshade, concerned for the dragonhawk. He obviously wanted to know why his dragonhawk wasn't here. Arrowburn laughed quietly.

"What happened to him? I set him free! So did Silent. She used to have a mount, but she let it go. It didn't like all the battles and fighting. Mine, well... he just didn't like blood elves. So I thought, 'oh, stuff it' and let him go. Me and Silent were punished, of course. Anyway, lets just get the dragonhawks out." he said, and Battleheart nodded. Suddenly, her eyes lit up.

"Can any of you use stealth?" She asked.

"Yeah. Me and Swiftclaw. Why?" Starshade replied. I could already guess the plan. Me and Starshade slink in with stealth (It makes us harder to spot, though not impossible) and steal the key, bring it back, and we all fight our way through, unlocking the cages. Battleheart confirmed my thoughts.


Ready for the theft, me and Starshade headed towards the center of the cages. We leapt silently over the top of the cages, Starshade riding on my back. I leapt soundlessly onto the next cage roof. Our stealth ability wouldn't stop us from being seen if a blood elf got too close. Then we'd have to fight. But luckily, nobody got close. Finally, we reached the center. The key lay on a table. This was it. If we failed, we might get locked up... again.

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