World of Warcraft-master and mount

My entry for the WoW comp... told from the point of veiw of a frostsaber, the mount of a sentinel night elf. If you notice anything wrong or that wouldn't happen in WoW, please let me know! I have never played it but it sounds awesome!


5. chapter five - rescue mission (Told by Furyfighter)

The elf and his frostsaber still weren't back. They had taken ages and we all thought they might have run off and left us to do this on our own. Why wouldn't they? It was understandable, except... we had made a deal. And they might have broken it. I tossed my head in agitation. Battleheart looked at me, eyes full of concern. She was worried they might not come back, as well. So we waited.


Eventually, Silent tapped Battleheart on the shoulder, and pointed at something. At first I saws nothing, but then I realised it was Starshade and Swiftclaw. So... they had come back, after all. They were being followed. Neither of them had noticed, but I and Battleheart had. Blood elves ran behind them as they sprinted out from the group of cages. More were closing in, moving so silently that Swiftclaw, with his supreme hearing, could not detect them. Without warning, Battleheart leapt from the ground, and landed on my back, with agility that only elves had.

"Go help them, Furyfighter." she whispered. I beat my powerful wings and took off, the cold night air rustling my feathers. I soared over to the night elf and his mount, spraying fire over the nearest blood elves. Battleheart threw herself off my back, excecuting a perfect forward roll as she landed. She sliced clean through a blood elf that had been aiming at Starshade and Swiftclaw, killing it instantly.She was new to fighting, but she was extremely good at it. I blasted more with fire.

"Silent, unlock the cages! Arrowburn, cover her. The rest of you, FIGHT!" Battleheart yelled. I looked at her. An amazing commander. Maybe she would have taken over from Scar, once he passed away or got killed in battle. But I, tangling her up in my own problems, had ruined that chance of great sucsess in her life. Starshade tossed Silent the cage keys. She and Arrowburn started to run over to all the cages, freeing dragonhawks and generally causing a commotion. I had been too busy watching below. Everything seemed to be happening all at once, and I couldn't help but stay and watch. A painful arrow snapped me out of it, drawring blood from my left leg. I roared intimidatingly, and dived down to help my friend and my rivals. As I swooped down to snatch up a blood elf, another grabbed onto my leg. I tried to kick them off, but they hung on tight, slashing my leg with a dagger. I snarled in pain. An arrow embeded itself into my neck. This wasn't good! We clearly weren't winning, and all of us were injured. A scream came from my leg, and I saw the blood elf fall, an arrow sticking through his chest. I grunted in releif. Then I realised that the arrow had come from Starshade. The night elf who I had helped to imprison. And he had just saved my life.

"Furyfighter! Help Arrowburn!" Battleheart called. I saw what she meant. A tame hawkstrider had seized Arrowburn, and was carrying his limp, unconscious body up to one of the cage roofs. It was prepearing to skewer his throat with its beak. Things were not looking good...


It was too late for Arrowburn. There was no way I could reach him in time. Suddenly, a snarl errupted from next to the hawkstrider, and I saw Swiftclaw there, sinking his fangs into the creatures neck. They fell down from the cage roof in a ball of snarls, shreiks, feathers and fur. Crying out in anger, I torched some more blood elves, and left them for Battleheart and Starshade to finish off. They yelled in terror,and tried to put the fire out while Starshade pelted each with at least four arrows. Then things got really bad, and Starshade was pushed down by a warrior blood elf. Battleheart ran to help him while I atacked the blood elves who were trying to attack Arrowburn.


About another half an hour passed, and Silent lay dying next to Arrowburns blacked out body. The rest of us were covered with blood, and about ready to pass out or collapse on the floor. Just a few more cages... We thought we were almost finished, we thought we had almost got our victory, we thought the dragonhawks, the night elf, his frostsaber, and the few rebelious blood elves had won. But Scar hadn't shown up yet, though. Swiftclaw was just about ready to fall over. I was hardly able to fly. The other dragonhawks had left. Silent and Arrowheart were out of the fight completely. And Starshade and Battleheart were so badly injured they looked worse than the undead. Great. Now we had to fight one of the strongest blood elves in the history of blood elves. Great. Just great.

"Furyfighter, Starshade is about to free the last dragonhawks! Get the others and go! I'll fight Scar." She said gravely. At first I wanted to protest. I really, really did. But Battleheart was being dead serious. She wanted me to do this. I slowly nodded. Battleheart smiled weakly.

"Look after yourself." She and turned and ran towards Scar, completely outmatched and already pretty much beaten. I snorted a soft goodbye that she probably never heard. Goodbye, Battleheart. My best and most faithful friend.


"Where's Battleheart?" Starshade asked me. I glanced behind me. Starshade looked at me with horrified eyes.

"You left her?" he asked me, his voice hardly solid. "You left your rider? You left her with your leader?" Starshade croaked. He was weak, but his words still stung me like poison.

"Take me back, and I'll help you save her. I owe her my life... about three times. I know, we are enemies. But I don't care. She's not... she's not like a normal blood elf. There's something different, and so as far as I'm concerned, she's an ally." Starshade finished. I looked even more surprised than Swiftclaw, who was starring at his master with wide eyes. A night elf was going to help me save my friend? A night elf saving a blood elf?

"Swifclaw, are you able to take those two into the forest? Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. So, can you carry them?" Starshade asked Swifclaw. The frostsaber nooded weakly, and we loaded Arrowburn and Silent onto his back. Swiftclaw padded shakily into the forest, and I took off, Starshade on my back.


The first thing we saw was Battleheart collapse. Then, Starshade started shooting his arrows, and I let all my fire loose on Scar. He was quick, and managed to evade over half of our attacks. I swept past, and a few arrows whizzed towards Scar. He dodged one, but the other lodged into his armour. Then, the next time I soared past to attack, I got too close -close enough for Scar to shoot me with a powerful magic. I screeched and fell to the floor. This was too much. This was the last hit I could take. My vision blurred. No... Battleheart... We couldn't save her. It couldn't be...

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