What do you do when war destroys everything you love? Your home, your family, your life?

Kate Rosenkranz lived in London in 1940, when the bombs fell from the sky, and ruined everything.


4. Blitz

Third Entry, 1940

Dear Diary, once it was summer the war started hitting London. Badly. The whole country was a wreck. Food was hard to get a hold of, the economy was sinking, leaving us drowning in a world where no safety was found.

The blitz had started and many English citizens were dying. Almost all the houses had been bombed, and there was very little food left in the whole country. We didn’t dare go outside any more. There was barely an ‘outside’ to see through the window. It had been bombarded so there was only rubbish in the streets. I was terrified because our house had not been bombed. Yet. Jenny and I were intently listening to the radio. We had lost track of the days. The radio bellowed, followed by a crackling sound,

Hello London, the time is 11:02 am, and it’s the 7th of June. Bombs are worse than ever and we expect a large number of attacks today. It is fatal that you keep inside your homes. We are trying to detect UXB’s from yesterday. If you have a shelter or a basement we insist that you seal yourself in.’

 ‘Why don’t we have a basement or a shelter?’ asked Jenny.

"Because we aren't as lucky as the rich citizens." I answered trying to sound calm. Inside I was screaming and shouting at God. Why can't we survive if others can? It's not fair, and you know it!


I heard a plane overhead. No, I thought a split second before a bomb exploded half of our house, and shot us through the air. We slammed onto the ground. My ear was bleeding, and a strange ringing was in my right ear. My left calf had been cut, but no deathly damage. As quickly as I could I got on my feet.

‘JENNY! WE HAVE TO MOVE!’ I had to yell, for her to hear me, above the sound of explosions and planes. I grabbed her arm, and dragged her upwards, off the street. I knew that a house down the street had a basement. They wouldn’t let us stay before, but now it was crucial. I ran with Jenny by my side, desperately seeking shelter. They have to take Jenny. They have to take Jenny. THEY HAVE TO TAKE JENNY! I chanted inside my head.

And then I saw it. The house. I ran inside. The basement door was right by the stairs, and we rushed down the steps. People were crowding, desperately asking for shelter.I pushed through them and banged on the shelter door and screamed, ‘HELP US!’. The door flew open and I yelled, ‘Take her! Please TAKE HER!’ I  shoved Jenny inside the room before they could shut it. 

‘Kate! What about you! Don’t leave me here, don't risk your life!’ But she didn’t understand. I had to find Jack! I couldn’t live if he died. I had to find him and bring him back here. I rushed up the stairs and ran as fast as I could in the direction of his house. When I stepped onto the street, I realized a second too late.



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