♥♥One Direction Imagines (engelske)♥♥

ja.... Ved der er mange af dem, men jeg skriver næsten altid nogle når jeg keder mig :) jeg skriver dem selv og hvis de minder om andre i har læst, så er det altså ikke med vilje at de minder om hinanden♥ Enjoy!! ♥♥


2. Liam Imagine ♥

>Babe! Will you please come over?? I need you♥< your boyfriend, Liam, just asked you. >On my way!!♥< you answered quickly. What is wrong, you think to yourself as you´re one your way to Liam.  When you got to his place, you hurry to his room and see him sit on his bed. "Whats wrong??" you ask concerned. "Nothing I just missed you, and wanted to see you," Liam answered and kissed you sweetly. After a while you pull away and look into his beautiful brown eyes. "I thought you were about to die or something like that! I worried sick, you know!!" you say and hit him playfully on his arm. "Hey! I were about to die! I haven´t seen my girlfriend in ages and i really missed her," he say defending. " You saw me to days ago, silly," you answer and smile. "I know but I´m so much happier when you´re around," he say. "Awww.... You´re so cute," you say and let you lips brush his. "I love you," he says: "more than anything." "I love you too, Liam." He leans in and you kiss a light but passionate kiss. ♥♥♥ 





Skriv gerne om i vil have dem længere :) Kathrine//♥

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