♥♥One Direction Imagines (engelske)♥♥

ja.... Ved der er mange af dem, men jeg skriver næsten altid nogle når jeg keder mig :) jeg skriver dem selv og hvis de minder om andre i har læst, så er det altså ikke med vilje at de minder om hinanden♥ Enjoy!! ♥♥


3. Harry Imagine ♥

You and Harry are walking at the beach, when the sun starts to set. "Look how beautiful it is! We should go to the water," you say as you start running to the water.

You go right in the water until the water hits you thigh. Harry runs out there with you. "You´re all wet now," you say. "So are you," he says. "Yeah, but not my shorts. Your pants are all wet." "I don´t care as long as you´re here with me," he say and you blush. "Well, in that case," you say: "you wouldn´t mind this." Then you splash water all over him. "Hey!" He shouts and splash back. After 10 minutes of waterfight, you are all wet. You sit down in the edge of the water. "You look beautiful," he says. You blush and lay down. Harry follows your move and lay down too, and you look in each others eyes.

He leans in and kisses you softly. While you kiss, you turn around, so you now face him, and wrap your arms around his neck. He pulls away and whisper in your ear: "Will you be mine?" You respond by nodding and kiss him passionate.




Ved det er noget tid siden jeg har skrevet men er helt ide forladt... I må meget gerne skrive nogle ideer! ♥ 

Det ville være dejligt at vide om der er nogle der læser dem, så i må meget gerne skrive en kommentar og like osv. :D 


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