♥♥One Direction Imagines (engelske)♥♥

ja.... Ved der er mange af dem, men jeg skriver næsten altid nogle når jeg keder mig :) jeg skriver dem selv og hvis de minder om andre i har læst, så er det altså ikke med vilje at de minder om hinanden♥ Enjoy!! ♥♥


1. Niall Imagine ♥


You are on a date with Niall. He finally had the courage to ask you out, after two years of friendship. You sit in a little restaurant waiting for your food. You don´t know what you´re gonna get, because Niall ordered for both of you.  When the food gets to you, it is a giant bowl full of spaghetti. Niall smiles cheekly to you and you smile back. "I´ve always wanted to do this," you and Niall say at the same time. You and Niall start laughing. " I´m glad I finally asked you out," he say and you can see his cheeks become a light trace of red. You blush and says: "Me too."   After dinner Niall walks you home. He hugs you goodbye at the top of the stairs. "It´s been a really nice date Niall," you say. "Then I suppose you wanna do it again," he says hopefully. "Of course."  He takes one step down, so you are at the same height as him. You wrap your arms around his neck, while he lay his hands on your lower back and you and Niall kiss softly. ♥♥♥   _________________________________________________________________________________     Min første Imagine :) håber i kan lide den. skriv gerne kritik hvis i vil og sig gerne hvilken en af drengene de skal være med ♥ Kathrine// 
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