A Man and his Cat

The title says it all. This is a tale about a man and his beloved cat. This story was written for an english assignment back in 2011. Enjoy!


1. A Man and his Cat

It was a dark and stormy night.. no, not really. Actually, it’s the exact opposite of that. It’s late in the afternoon and the sun shines brighter than ever - without a single cloud in the sky. I just love these moments. Moments like these bring me pure inner peace. I’m just sitting here on my bike.. not alone, but I’m in control - I think. We’re currently cruising the smaller roads, where no cars are present. Still, we have to look out for animals, large branches, and of course other motorcyclists. I like this bike; it goes well with the scarf I’m wearing. It also gives me a reason to be wearing this helmet.


Today it’s Friday, and as usual we’ve been on a picnic. Deep into the forest we went, and as usual we brought a blanket - which also suits the scarf, I must say. We brought lunch, something to play with, and of course a bit of milk - for those who doesn’t like beer. As I was lying there, looking at the woods, hearing birds chirping, I kind of realized that.. I’m really hungry. I grabbed a bite and took a sip; then returned to being completely happy.


We’re on our way home now; it’s over bedtime for at least one of us. Can’t wait to get back home, and tell her about this. Even though she’s heard it all before, many, many times, she still seems to care. I really do love her. I don’t get why we aren’t able to bring her along. Doesn’t she want to? I can almost see the house from here. But I know that we need to go around a few more corners before I’m really capable. I know this route very well.


There it is! I see her too! She’s just sitting in the window, waiting for me time after time. She must really love me too. The motorcycle’s parked and I’m heading for the house. She looks even more excited the closer that I get. As I jump onto the porch I take a good look at her. She almost seems frightened, as she’s sitting in the top of her cage flapping her wings. I think to myself that there’s nothing to be afraid of my dear.. as I go through the kitty door.

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