Twisted and Torn

Ali has known Reid for what feels like forever, he is the only person who's ever been there for her. With her parents always away on business, he's there, right by her side.
But soon she meets a boy of the shadows...a mysterious, intriguing character who she finds herself infatuated with. What is his secret?
Embark on a journey about a twisted love story with the protagonist whom must make a decision, in the most heart-wrenching circumstances.


3. Chapter Three

As promised, Reid took me to the cinema and it would have been a whole lot of fun if my mind hadn't been wandering off in between to what had happened back at home.

It's true, sometimes, I do feel like Reid has feelings for me. The way he looks at me sometimes, it feels weird and somehow scary ... because I don't think of him as anything more than a very, very good friend. Or maybe it's just that I cannot think of him as my boyfriend. We've been such good friends for ages that I feel like it'll jeopardise our friendship if we ever became more than friends. But on the other hand, he is very cute and who else would ever understand me better than him? Urgh! I can't make up my mind, and even when the movie was over, I was still lost in my own web of complicated thoughts.

"Hey, you alright?" he asked. "The movie's over Ali, didn't you notice?"

I snapped back into reality. "Oh. Yeah. Sorry. Let's go."

He still looked worried. "Listen, if you're still thinking about what happened I -"

"No! I mean, no I'm not thinking about that," I lied easily. "You know, just forget it Reid."

He looked unconvinced and went on rambling. "Oh Ali, I'm really so sorry! I shouldn't have - it's just that I  - I don't even know what to say. I hope this doesn't affect our friendship ... are you listening? Ali! Are you even listening?"

I wasn't. Because half way through his self-explanatory speech, I had noticed something very odd. A pair of sparkly blue eyes were staring at me intently from the shadows of the theater. It was a piercing gaze, so intense that I felt it would burn holes on my face. The disembodied eyes were surveying me and didn't even flinch when I stared right back, trying to make out the person those eyes belonged to. But Reid clicked his fingers before me and I had to look away.

"Ali? Hello?"

"Yeah. What?"

He looked hurt. "I was just talking about - well, you're right, forget it. C'mon let's go."

We were just exiting the theater when I tripped over the last stair outside and would have fallen right over if a strong, muscular, perfectly-tanned arm hadn't caught my waist and hoisted me back to my feet again. "You wanna be careful next time," a silky, gorgeous voice whispered in my ear before slithering away. I turned to see who it was but all I saw was a pair of striking blue eyes wink at me before disappearing out of sight.

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