Twisted and Torn

Ali has known Reid for what feels like forever, he is the only person who's ever been there for her. With her parents always away on business, he's there, right by her side.
But soon she meets a boy of the shadows...a mysterious, intriguing character who she finds herself infatuated with. What is his secret?
Embark on a journey about a twisted love story with the protagonist whom must make a decision, in the most heart-wrenching circumstances.


10. Chapter Ten

I was shaking uncontrollably, I didn't know what to do, how to choose, how to save them both. Why did I have to do this? Did I want my life that much? Could I really let someone die so that I could live? 

I wasn't ready for this! I wish I could close my eyes, count to five and everything would be normal, no one would die. 

Time was racing towards me, until I must make my decision, and hand one over to Death.

I stared at the drowning Reid, almost fully submerged by water, choking and gasping for air. Then my gaze flickered to the boy being ripped apart by a park of beasts...the boy who portrayed me, stabbed me in the back...the boy I loved. I found myself staring at Reid again, he was shouting my name, begging me to save him, pull him free from the grasping waves and tenticles, pull him close and never let go. 

My heart shattered into a thousand pieces. His face, the urgent message in his eyes, the smothered screams and thrashing limbs only made me feel more torn.

I had minutes left...I had to choose! I had to make sure what I was doing was the right thing!

Reid and I had been friends for like forever and he'd always been there for me, no matter what, he was my rock. But Lucas...he was something new, something wild and mysterious...could I ever forgive him? Who would I rather lose?

I already knew everything about Reid and there was still so much more to learn about Lucas...

Wait! What am I saying? I can't let Reid die!

But someone had to...

"Angel, come back!" I yelled into the sky.

Within seconds, the Angel of the Lord appeared in her golden light in front of me. 

"You're running out of time, child, what is it?" She warned, gazing at the scenes behind me. 

She knew this would be a very difficult decision for me, but now it was obvious what I had to do.

"I want to exchange my life for theirs," I said, confidently. 

"Ali, if that is what you want, I cannot undo it," The Angel stated, calmly. 

"It's what I want," I replied, sure about my decision. "I can't let them die."

And then I heard a beastly roar, not from the beasts themselves, but from...Lucas.

Somehow he'd managed to break free, grabbed a knife from his pocked and started slashing away at the monsters.

I stared wide-eyed at the scene and then at the Angel, she smiled and disappeared from site.

I ran to the riverside and dove into the water, preying I could help Reid, but when I reached him, he was still and lifeless, his skin pale. 

I looked at my own skin realised I was real again. I was human. I was alive.

Because Lucas broke free and saved himself, Reid had to die.

I screamed with horror, yanked him free and dragged him onto the path. Surrounded by dead mutts, and the smell of blood, I panicked. 

"Angel!" I screamed. "Come back!"

But no matter how much I tried, she didn't appear. Reid was dead. 

Within moments, Lucas collapsed next to me, out of breath and covered in a mixture of his and the beasts' blood. He had severe wounds.

"Ali..." he panted breathlessly. "I'm dying..."

No, I can't let both of them die!

"Maybe I should leave you here to die, like you did to me," I found myself snap. I didn't know why I had said that. I loved him. "Reid is dead, I can't leave him here."

"Ali...I can't stay here...I need help."

Lucas' skin was pale, not as pale as Reid but of a similar shade. His eyes were empty and weak and his lips turned a peculiar shade of blue.

Hastily I grabbed my mobile. It had been destroyed when I swam through the river.

I searched Lucas to find his but it was nowhere to be found.

"You need to help me up, Ali," he whispered. "You need to take me to the hospital, it's not far from here."

"But what about Reid?" I screamed. I couldn't leave him here! And then I remembered. I had been such a horrible bitch to him. I had blanked him and had wanted nothing more to do with him. If only I could tell him he means everything to me.

"When we get to the hospital, we'll report it," Lucas decided, trying to reassure me.

"Ali, I'm so sorry," he whispered. "I love you, but I'm going to die if we stay here much longer."

I saw the pain and the regret in his eyes. He meant it. And I found myself forgiving him.

I stared at Reid's motionless body, with tears rolling down my face, and stood. Slowly, I helped Lucas up, supporting him with my arm under his. 

I began ordering myself to get him to the hospital in one piece. 

I wanted to know him, who he was, what he did his long life, the people he's met, the places he's been, and I couldn't do that if he was dead.

Tonight, we would survive.

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