Twisted and Torn

Ali has known Reid for what feels like forever, he is the only person who's ever been there for her. With her parents always away on business, he's there, right by her side.
But soon she meets a boy of the shadows...a mysterious, intriguing character who she finds herself infatuated with. What is his secret?
Embark on a journey about a twisted love story with the protagonist whom must make a decision, in the most heart-wrenching circumstances.


8. Chapter Eight

I'd never given much thought to how I would die. I'd never really thought about dying at all. How would it feel? Would I be in the place I love with the people I cherish? I guess, when you're on the verge of meeting Death himself, you're forced to think about what it will be like. 

Tears stung my eyes; I am not cradled by the people I love but accompanied by the sweet chirping of the birds in the trees and the soft lapping of water in the river. But I was growing to love this place. I was stunned by its divine beauty. And then the ugly face of beauty presents itself to me, this place is not what it seems, this is the place I was brought to as part of a scheme, a plot to kill me. This is the place he had left me to find help, but I was sure he wasn't coming back. 

My death was quick. 

But...why am I still here?

Seconds later, I was lifted out of my body, like I weighed nothing, and saw my still, pale body lying on the pebble bed. Floating in mid air, I got a better look at my location, across the river, was a meadow with patches of blood red poppies sprouting out. The sky was clear and the sun cast down its ray of light across my body's face. 

Moments had passed before Lucas came running towards my still body, legs and arms pumping, his face slightly red and flushed. 

"Ali?" he asked, softly, crouching down to shake me gently.

Obviously, I didn't reply. I thought about screaming at him, but I knew he wouldn't be able to hear me. But why would I want him to know that I'm here, that I can see him? He has betrayed me. He has failed me.

"Goodbye," I muttered, even though I knew he couldn't hear me, and turned my back on him. 


It didn't take long for the news of my death to reach my family and Reid. My mother and father mourned my death as if they actually cared and Reid turned ghostly, empty even. My funeral would be in four days.

He was sat on my bed, looking around my bedroom, probably thinking of the many memories we'd shared. 

I suddenly felt so cold; I had treated him like a piece of meat, I had turned my back on him, like I had to Lucas. 

"Ali, I'm so sorry," he muttered, and tears glistened in his eyes. Soon, one single drop fell from his eye and rolled down his cheek.

I tried to touch his cheek with my ghostly hand, but I wasn't solid. I was in fact, a ghost.

"Reid?" I whispered.


He stood up, walked through me, and left the room. 

I tried to collapse on the bed but fell straight through. I growled with anger. But it seemed that I wasn't sinking through the floor, so I sat on the floor and stared at my many ornaments I had collected and stored on shelves. 

A silver light appeared in front of me and out of this silver light, another ghost form. No, not a ghost...something more real.

"Ali, finally, I have been looking for you everywhere. I must welcome you to the in between," she said, her voice rung in my ears like music. "You are not completely dead, even though your body appears to be dead. You have a task to complete, if you pass, you will be granted with the chance of resurrection and the last twenty-four hours will be rewound."

I stared at her with wide eyes. I was speechless. Was this a dream? Another trick?

"You will get one chance to change your fate, Ali."

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