A sonnet for my horse

A sonnet for my horse and others...
A collection of poems on the theme of 'conflict'


1. A sonnet for my horse


My boy’s wondrous coat all brushed and agleam,

Sunlight abaft us casts our long shadow across the grass,

No man may walk before our adumbration, lest he is seen,

We are a parapet only fools try to pass.

‘I know your fear.’ I whisper in my boy’s soft ear,

He paces and snorts in the ugly silence.

I myself, just older than a child, fight back a tear.

I must prepare for the approaching violence.

But you, my boy are greater than them all,

I promised you a hero’s death and you did not falter,

Braver than I, I beg you, do not fall!

We’ll be safe by sundown. You’ll sleep and I’ll clean your halter.

I swear for your courage I’ll adorn you with medals

And when this war is over I’ll put you out to pasture in a heavenly meadow.

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