This is a novel planked in a universe that occupied our orbital space before it painted its own doom. The murder of the king/president of that world triggers a chain of events that unfold, to arc the doom hammer. The saga of a disgusted detective for whom the wheels turn to make him a man destined to garb the clothes of a .......... Read more to know more.


20. Unveilings


“Zeus”, shouts the mother-claiming monster.

I stare back, my emotions in a standstill, and my face an obvious synchronizer.

 “How is it that you have forgotten me, your mother, your soul guardian? Asks the giant, her tone attempting to infuse sorrow.

I find no words and replicate her question to my mind, which in turn remains dumb. Blaring tantrums are my instincts, as if the worst is still to come. I wonder how the situation could get worse.

“I’ll chronicle to you your own, as I presume that you still are in the otherworldly state and as the grief of your sorrow has not yet subsided. The things that are glued to a wet sorrow last for an eternity, or so I have heard”, says Gaia, and I decide that listening to her will quell my confusion.

“You are the offspring of Kronos, and that makes you my son. Now, as prophesied by the oracle, Kronos became a victim of his own son. But, he at that time did not know that, so to break his destruction did he kill all his sons. I as an admonition had implanted into the brains of humans a gadget of mine called dream. It was by them interpreted as a message from us, which in a way was true. But the dreams they construed from the oracles of the other world, and the oracles were orthodox and stuck to their traditions” Gaia opened her mouth in what I guessed to be a cough and continued.

“So, I decided to stud your soul in the mannequin of you in other world and used your flesh as a subsidy to my designs. I, in my rage at the discovery, decided to end the tyranny and orchestrated a plan. I called upon five souls and instructed them to usurp Kronos. But they feared the plan might backfire, so I told them to impersonate your fleshes, the three of you that is. But as the prophesy foretold, only a son of Kronos could bring about his destruction. So, I transversed the metaphoric dreams into literal and as a premonition I inserted unto you three the unintelligible words “Alarm” and “Snooze”, which were to later act as destructors”, Gaia allowed in a smug grin before continuing.

“So, the plan hatched flowed into action, and the time came for the confrontation. In the battle, I coerced Hades into an agreement, and we concurred upon a truce. I, according to my plan, set the world up for its obliteration for this world is bonded to Kronos, and in the veins and the fabric of it flows Kronos. To begod this world would be to summon death, thus, I prepared it for its destruction. The entry into hell comes as a package of thirteen days and I needed the soul of the two of you for our plan to triumph. But much to my chagrin, Poseidon incarnated into it before you did, so I extricated him, gave him the heavenly flesh, and deployed him here. My abode, the introverted inverted brother of Earth, is the place you are now materialized in. Now, if you kindly co-operate, the undercurrent of my plan would be embodied. When the new world is created, you would as a man of normalcy permutate. Otherwise… well those things are better rent suspense. Now do you know the purpose of our visited”,

“Death”, I whispered.

“Bravo, will this be peaceful or do you want to be killed the hard way”,

Before I could think of wording back, Poseidon voices his decision “We would die better than consciously letting you win”,

His reticence blaring out Poseidon in his gallant pride readies for battle by assuming a posture arcane to me, I in what seems to me weird start nodding and try to reciprocate, in which I direly fail.


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