This is a novel planked in a universe that occupied our orbital space before it painted its own doom. The murder of the king/president of that world triggers a chain of events that unfold, to arc the doom hammer. The saga of a disgusted detective for whom the wheels turn to make him a man destined to garb the clothes of a .......... Read more to know more.


9. The demise of an emotional Darth Vader


The Boss-Tension himself

The story of my finding my way into this treasure of a drama would be prudent to refrain for reasons I would not like to bare. Here is what I did, first I started deploying my minions of fear, which they easily waded. The epiphany dawned to me, I wasn’t dealing with touchy hearts, they were steely nerves and their enigmatic charisma was my duty to unfold and exploit. I decided to dispatch  my friends in batches, in quantities at par with the individual’s fear, here is my master piece.

“The infringement of your property happened the same night the murder was committed. Heavy torrential downpour savored the scene, but it was also a catalyst. It drove away the sentry men to their trenches and the lack of humans amidst the thicket of trees not only powered Hades with courage, it also structured a plan for him. Instead of stealing the crystals on the day of the games in full isolation, he braved the act on the same day.”, the man who streamed these words in no way seemed perturbed, he was clear in his venture.  The  Queen's eyebrows furrowed for a second, but slid back into position and she regained her composure. But, I did my homework of sneaking a bit of my minions into them, just a bit, but the dosage worked. The Queen was starting to comprehend the situation but the stranger remained rock solid.

The stranger ensued with the following words “ I would like to make known to you Hades’s plan. He has already, aced the herculean task of mustering the power required for the thruster, and the portals just a normal chore for him. He has the crystals, and two portals are already engineered. Hades plans to issue a veiled threat on the day of games, which I presume will take place tomorrow. He will then give you two days to descend the throne. He will then assume throne and juice life to his mcabres.Do you realize that we are against the giant broiler itself. We only have one vista of hope. I need a good army of seven men, not more. Our side of the tribes, the one that has stooped away from the tribe’s arcane dogmas will allow free passage into the sea. We will have to invade the Spire, and stop the thruster from functioning. The travel in our shriveled gliders will take two days in the least. That gives us one day for the crusade. This mission must be like an espionage but not for information, but for making the kill. Give me the most vicious of your men, but I would like to demand one soldier”, this long acoustic passage not only did the job of infiltrating through the Queen’s defense, but it also diffused angst and trepidity.

The angst of having let materialize a lapse under her own rings of vision, and the fear of doom. The fear that the situation of such density now rested upon her lap, I suffused a pint of fear and she lost it. She mouthed the words “Who do you want” her quiver coming in as a stark contrast to her staunch persona.

The most eyebrow twitching words and maybe the most plausible of them was next mouthed by the stranger, the talk had reached crescendo status, he throbbed into existence the words “My brother, Zeus”, this would have turned into a tasty altercation, had not the bloodied winds left their stance and I was in dearth of a podium, I fell and shattered as the lights went off.

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