This is a novel planked in a universe that occupied our orbital space before it painted its own doom. The murder of the king/president of that world triggers a chain of events that unfold, to arc the doom hammer. The saga of a disgusted detective for whom the wheels turn to make him a man destined to garb the clothes of a .......... Read more to know more.


7. On the eve of the games


The kingship games were slated to take root on the day succeeding the eve, that is the day preceding the games was called the eve. To affront talking in circles, the point is that the games were to be held on the day succeeding the events chronicled in this chapter. The antiquity of the day preceding a day of unfathomable magnitude is usually corroded but this eve was encoded into Zeus’s mind because he was granted reprieve from his seclusion in the dingy and sodden cell.

He was beckoned to the Royal chambers, the space which he trudged with exuberance of gravity such that its extravagance verged on scaring the guards escorting him to the place aforementioned.

Once inside the royal chambers and after apprehending the solemnities of blotting the register with his thumb, Zeus looked upon the Queen’s morbid face upon which were etched myriad emotions, amongst which angst, concern and hybrid many raced for the dais. Flanking the throne were the usual throng of ministers. But the body of a seaman was what dilated Zeus’s vision which reached proportions that negated his exuberance.

Perched upon the visitor’s throne was a man whose visage nerved a chord in his mind, this for reasons unknown warmed Zeus, his mind was plastered with thoughts of kinship, though his heart reminisced him of his orphanage. Somehow this man linked him to his illusion, and he knew that he had found an ally.

The Queen who was in no way related to the king as they were separate entities still had an omnipresent sheen of tear in her eyes. Her blood streaked eye flared with intensity but something was pressing it.

The Queen’s eye traversed the space to the man who Zeus guessed to be of aquatic regions. Her mouth opened and the word “talk” ended the reign of silence.

“I am the ambassador from the tribes, I’ve come here to herald a very grave news, and the velocity of the same comprehends me. It is with faintest of animations that I make heard the news that your crystals are stolen”,

The Queen’s eye entered the domain of bewilderment and tension sauntered into the room, hanging by the mantle and emanating its glowering presence.

The man continued “I would like to enlighten you with the knowledge that it was not us that committed this folly, but it was the few elements that cast a darker shadow among us that did it. To be precise it was our subordinated that hatched and made tangible this folly. As all of you know, there was a mass breakout among the tribes, the ramification of which ended in the tribes exploding into two. The first and the majority were us, the ones who preferred tranquility to intervening or plodding into others lives. The second were the people whose mind had been convoluted by the manifestation of desire. The first thing they did was to make a conquest of the spire. They won it. The designs fabricated within the act were alien to us. A few days ago, I was kidnapped and there I eavesdropped their plan before sketching and executing my escape” the words ended in a complete crescendo.

 “And why were you kidnapped”, the question voiced by the Queen rippled through the silence.

“Well, it was like an everyday chore for them, kidnapping and demanding a ransom. I think the ransom is employed to fund their heinous designs. What I eavesdropped there gave me the willies. As I am well versed in the subject of mechanisms and turbines, it is only natural that I know the workings of the crystal. To make concrete my testimony here, I would like to start with the working of the Crystals, and I request that no one hinder my speech here forth. It is in order to make non-dubious my statements”,

“Wait, we don’t disclose the workings of a crystal to anyone, and why is the theft still in dark here”, The Queen’s barbed question an allusion to her befuddlement.

“To the latter part of the question, the answer would be spewed I the course of my statement, to the former, you stole it from us”,  

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