This is a novel planked in a universe that occupied our orbital space before it painted its own doom. The murder of the king/president of that world triggers a chain of events that unfold, to arc the doom hammer. The saga of a disgusted detective for whom the wheels turn to make him a man destined to garb the clothes of a .......... Read more to know more.


4. Memoirs I



Peak moon,


                  Today’s events can only be tattooed as tumultuous. My crew and I are leaving to the Northeastern forests today. The forest fire 3 months ago, fractured the old palace badly and the royals are fuming, the old contractor didn’t fulfill the orders to engineer a castle in three months. The building structure was deemed weak, and unethical. The whole forest area was exterminated and new leases given out. They have auditioned the best plans, and mine is short listed. As there is no written evidence that illuminates the fact that, it was me who articulated the plan, I have decided to jot down the lines prescribed by which the palace would be constructed(I am really sure mine would be in, as it was formulated with north-eastern forests in mind).


In defiance to the older ways of partially cutting the bark of tree and using the surrounding ones as walls, and flattening the bark by slashing them horizontally to make the ceiling, I have surmised a new one that is not only original in its swaggers but also stays within the boundaries of sanity.


An anchor of a ship would be entwined to a  cloth. The anchor would grapple the bark of a tree on one end and vice versa. That means four anchors would be required to make levitate a single cloth (there are four corners to the same (cloth)). These fabrics would be compounded and structured in such a way, two form three dimensional houses that are spacious.


 The royal chambers, the sleeping ones will adhere to the old methods, as they’re the permanent haven to their majesty, the lack of spaciousness and style would be accommodated, by cratering a part of ground, and carving holes in the wood enclosed residence.


The weapons would not be entrenched, as the ground has to be prodded for their access. This is in order to combat a sleeper (surprise, for contemporary cultivation lovers) attack. The idea that makes possible the preceding statement is as follows,

Alcoves would be sculpted in the trees and a blind would shroud it, a weapon would be pitched in the tree. In this way, no accident will occur.


To battle forest fires, the embankments would tank slushy water (a combination of the two fiends of flame, mud and water). Whenever the stalagmites of the open take a penchant towards the destroyers of human flesh, the water can be used as weapons to extinguish them.


Thus, my plan. I have contemplated upon all sides of co-existing with the woody protrusions, and this seems the most viable and coherent of them all.


Hope I encore my genii, and let the gods train their gaze upon me.

                                                                                                                         The architect.


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