This is a novel planked in a universe that occupied our orbital space before it painted its own doom. The murder of the king/president of that world triggers a chain of events that unfold, to arc the doom hammer. The saga of a disgusted detective for whom the wheels turn to make him a man destined to garb the clothes of a .......... Read more to know more.


21. Ensnare


The ground underneath starts trembling and cracks start forming around us islanding us in small strips of land. Stranded are we as the rebellious surface starts spitting out waterfalls of thermal energy. Slowly the steaming waters acquire a glow that emanates waves of turbulent gas. The steeped waves start invoking gashes and my flesh starts tearing and streams of blood start connecting neural networks of warm red. The skin seems to rubberize as chunks of it rip apart and the blood provides condolence by making an appearance.

 The carcasses fall into the lava pits, and they in their blazing garments give the scene a dripping feel. The inferno tormented surface starts wafting coils of smoke and the surreal atmosphere starts transcending into ethereal. The lethal and blood provoking toxin gases start retreating at the first sight of condensed water. A lone ranger the flake dissipates before even bedding into the fiery ground. Consortiums of about twenty adversaries of fire start building their way down. The smoke tries to swat away the wafting ice but one of the battalion touches. A fizzing sound accompanies the clearing of a small ground. However, there is no looking back as torrents of water solid start neutralizing the fire around.

It is after hours of pelting downpour that the fire around wearing off. Just when there seems equilibrium, a replacement takes root. Solid stocks of ice start stacking the ground and crates of it seal and lock into the surface. In a matter of seconds, we are burst forth to an icy vintage.

As if the implementations are registered, the motion is swayed forth by a gobbling Gaia. In a swift motion, she swallows Hades and starts transmogrifying. The all-consummate darkness is illuminated by the pervading white and the bizarre reverie of a world is broken as lion roars. As we stare yonder, a hitherto transformed Gaia pounces upon me. I dive out of her way and cushion my fall with my palms. I get up to see a warring Poseidon.

He makes contact with me through eyes and I locate the lion’s mouth just inches in front of Poseidon. Hatred flares in his eyes as he battles the lion’s paws. The undulating mane of the lion flow in waves endorsing a royal yellow, the requirement to act fast but with prudence makes me deliberate. But the lack of time fires me past my static position and I drive a kick into the lion’s ribs. The lion is sent flying, but in mid-air she transforms into an eagle

To peck, she swivels and charges in levitation and that is when the savior reappears. Maybe the only spoil of war, the electrically loaded bolt made two by a trident materializes a foot apart. I lunge and clasp the bolt and so does Poseidon but his object the three-forked blade. As I reach my destination, my instinctual alarms blare back and I whirl around with my bolt casting.

The bolt penetrates the eagle’s beak and rips into her flesh, but in a moment, the beak disappears and comes a trunk in its place. Before I even realize that I have poked into a hornet’s nest, the beast turned animal whistles and I slide back through ice. I have to accredit the halt of my skate to a stalagmite that had started festering out of the ice. The barbed and spiked end of it seeks my flesh but I veer to the left, thus avoiding the injection. But so is not the fate of the accursed elephant, which in an attempt to trample me alights on the protruding ice.

Next, she fuses with a cheetah and trumpets a call towards us, and in what is a conjunction of events the call coincides with Poseidon’s hurtle of his trident. This flows neatly out of the way because at the point of launch, Poseidon was startled. The trident floats and beaches upon the ground and starts liquidizing it. A gleam is gleaned by me in the eyes of Poseidon and he shapes his mouth to formulate the word trench. I quickly grasp his intentions and cringe. I, in the whole world knew not how to drill a hole using magic. But, I do not know to articulate a plan culminating the kill of Gaia, so I reach the convoluted ice and start channeling my unalloyed resentment towards Gaia on the ground.

It becomes apparent to me that the hopeless and the hapless magician could not turn a stone through will. That is when a plan though implausible materializes upon my mind. The pandemonium and the upheaval it causes in my mind are inexplicable as these two things are seldom relatable. I pick up the anchored trident and circle it across to encompass the required area. The ice starts precipitating and slowly a large slush of water is splayed across. However, there is no depression to drain the water in. So, I use the linear end of the trident and pummel into the ground. A nuclear crevice is formed and I dig deeper. I can see Poseidon standing near me, his back turned and I can see the charging cheetah. I know the small refrain in work is expensive, but I cannot help updating.

I mat the flanks of the contrived well and let flow the water; pouncing a perfect arc and engulfing upon Poseidon, an unassuming Gaia brings down her body upon him. In that second of the supposed confluence of animal and man, Poseidon evades Gaia by twisting his hip and flaying across to the right. An eye dilapidated Gaia finds herself swishing through empty air. I let loose a bolt to her hind legs and she tumbles down the well, which I electrocute. By some miracle, the water happenesto be partly saline and this paves way for it to be electrically charged. A shocked Gaia transforms to her original state, but before she peaks, I jump into her mouth.

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