This is a novel planked in a universe that occupied our orbital space before it painted its own doom. The murder of the king/president of that world triggers a chain of events that unfold, to arc the doom hammer. The saga of a disgusted detective for whom the wheels turn to make him a man destined to garb the clothes of a .......... Read more to know more.


14. A sea gate of a cerebrum

Stumbling through the murky walls of the individual’s brain was Hades. Having procured the power to enshrine any capsule of thought into a person’s thought thread, provided his defense barrages were cracked through, Hades knew he was up against a nut shell. Contrary to the flamboyant trickle and flow of thoughts, this person was stuck in an ephemeral angst. The person exalted his anger thread and had thickened it considerably. Slashing the thread with his sickle would meander and wander against Gaia’s advice to interrogate any intruder so as to churn out information adequate from the affronter.

Hades noticed that anger was the only emotion that was driving the individual, if that was obliterated then the individual would get a sense of the looming danger. Blinded as was the individual, that was the only prototype reaction which would forge ahead a pandemonium of eruptions and would obtrude any paradoxes within. A crumpled self-conscience and the incense of the beast inside would nullify every other sensory device. The individual could easily be killed, Hades could just barricade the blood pumped into the brain and the individual would rot, but Hades was an emotion player.

The individual was a predominant right brainer or so did the pulsating nerve channels indicate. Thus the individual would be a dexterous emotionist, in other words the individual could prize open the designs of the dealing person. Had it been a battle regular in nature, the individual predispositions and intuitions could have been discarded as the lack of rational ability. But this being a situation of vulnerable characteristics and woven into the fabric of the air was the need for a miracle in the part of the individual.

Impregnating a fort walling an odd 20 soldiers still needed considerable nerves. Geared up with intuition and an instinctive creativity, his orb of survival was growing stronger. Not that Hades had any doubts to his army’s invincibility against the select individual, but it was the potent threat of an imposed failure that gave him the willies. This individual was not Poseidon, his brother’s mind was an open ended fusion of water and flesh, and maneuvering through water would only be a cake’s walk for him. But, this individual in regime clothes was motioning towards the rescue boats and half his mind was occupied on staying on the surface. His mind produced prudent and rational thoughts instead of the refrained humor of Poseidon in water.

This man was certainly not a Bloke; he was not a part of Hades’s army. His thoughts were simply navigated towards anger for a single individual, and the anger was murderous and vengeful in nature. Had it been a sentry, his boosted patriotism would have neutralized the secretion of any galling fluids. Perplexed at the survivor’s wild instincts and creativity, Hades decided to dampen his anger. He decided to do enough nullifying, but he wanted some residual anger to boost the stranger. He wanted the stranger to have energy supple and replete. This necessitated Hades leave untouched his other supplementing emotions unscathed, their rawness would gravitate anger, but in an artificial way. Hades chose to remain the catalyst, and he mouthed his “thanks” to the person who bequeathed him this power-Gaia.

Having dulled Zeus's emotional filaments by pulling a few nerves, Hades chose to play cool. He knew that the individual whose visage he had not seen would make it to the crystal chambers and there Hades would confront to gain.

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