This is a novel planked in a universe that occupied our orbital space before it painted its own doom. The murder of the king/president of that world triggers a chain of events that unfold, to arc the doom hammer. The saga of a disgusted detective for whom the wheels turn to make him a man destined to garb the clothes of a .......... Read more to know more.


6. A mind usherer


                      News paper clippings that pertain to the plot

                Madchen Herald (Special Edition) (Culture and Crime-CC) (Big trunk blot)(Articles by Chiron)   


7 year old diary, our king

                                                            Mid moon

Today, daddy taught me the

Geographical details of Madchen

He said that our city was con…

Con…. Ah, converged upon by four

tyres, oh, tiers or layers. The fourth

And the outermost layer being that of

the ocean. The third the rural, the second

pre-city. He used a word that doesn’t come

to me now. He said that the waters were

given to all the tiers through a tube system.

He also said that the outer circle of the rural area

is inhabited by free fishermen, who don’t come

under our rule. He ordered me to join the competition

once I was old, he wants me to become a king.

He says that marriage is not life (whatever that means).

                                          Future King.



The Crystal dome spikes to number one as the spire slides to number 2 in World wonders


The myth that the crystal dome has flamed its way up to number one is no more a myth.

Yesterday the Heritage Preservation Department (HPD) declared that the Crystal dome would from today, be proclaimed as the “First site”. Encrusted in the palace’s crux, the dome nestles three crystals that are dimensionally structured so as to glint sunlight in all fours. Embedded just four years ago, the dome has already averted gazes. The mysterious appearance of the crystal, its booming appeal, and its aquatic glow has made emphatic the fact that the crystal’s idiosyncrasy is the foam upon which the surface of Madchen can gloat on. The spire has been crusaded by the tribals and the empire insists that a war would only lead to the pregnancy of casualties and heroism is a lyric alien to it. Hope that the lack of poignancy on the part of the empire under the shade of pragmatism is caused by the blossom of concern and not trepidation.


Power boost is the diesel of crime


The human gospel of power has fueled many a crimes and in a time when crimes are embodied with the deepest of earnestness towards power, the theft of human petrol is a crass souvenir that power is a globule of devilish manifestations. The fact that every one of us is endowed with a certain amount of electric power which we employ to glide is no secret. But the fact that this almighty gifted empowerment does not wither as it does these days is a shadow that people ignore to explore. This has paved way for thugs who draw power from our souls to make corporal their ambitions. The reports have seen a steep incline upwards; this article has been blotted in order to sliver a light of reality into the convoluted darkness. Hope this article will raise awareness enough to salvage the situation before it banks upon the vacuum of loose stones for survival.

                                                                                                                         Parchment 2/3                                                                                                                   

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