This is a novel planked in a universe that occupied our orbital space before it painted its own doom. The murder of the king/president of that world triggers a chain of events that unfold, to arc the doom hammer. The saga of a disgusted detective for whom the wheels turn to make him a man destined to garb the clothes of a .......... Read more to know more.


11. A Cracker of a death


Zeus took aim at his prey. A sniper propeller in one hand and the row of a boat in the other, Zeus eyed his prey. His eyes an inflamed red, and his mind bearing an obliterated pride, Zeus fired the shot. Flaring through the night, the only beacon of hope, the projectile tipped the scout off board. A splash could be discerned from the darkness, but it was an impunity in the wake of the raging gale. Blistered and bloodied, Zeus plucked another thorn from his rose plant and pierced them on the dead Poseidon’s cheek.

Another wave crested, and under the canvas of the blinding night, for the first time in his life, Zeus cried. Encased and ensnared in the last ring of the world, Zeus knew he was going to die. But death was the least of his concerns. The world, the portal, the reflection would be ignited tomorrow, and he knew the Queen’s hopes frayed on his success, and just when he had thought that all was going well, fates had reverberated their thoughts by spiraling their intentions into actions.

He looked around, and in the rain-tormented picture, no one could glean his emotions. The rest of the miniature legion still remained intact. They were pulling themselves together, they had no strings attached towards Poseidon, but it was the sheer velocity of the probability of a failure that was collapsing their hopes. Zeus didn’t care to wipe his tears; his water drenched face would mask everything. The roses procured from a soldier, now worked as a chalk, Zeus was now rowing down the only passage his life allowed, into the Spire.

The structure of the Spire and its pertinent bunkers were a perfect Circumpunct. On careful circumspection and when conceived in its entirety the Spire and its tribulation resembled an eye. Better could be revealed of it, if described as a gash in the eye. Now the eight bunkers surrounding the spire were manned by a sentry and a magnifying instrument better known as Telescope.

But as the sentries could not keep vigil in the darkness, the vehemence spewed by the projectiles and its consequences would go unrequited. The plan was to alleviate two bunkers off their owners, thus creating a tunnel for entry. But the un-reviewed account of a death so early had de-throbbed the earlier enthusiasm.

The first bunker had been neutralized, and the other bunker would have by now fired its surveillance projectile, but Zeus could feel danger sneaking. This fear had been festered after the rumor that the bunkers on the east were huddled together. This could have been due to the fact that the rebels opting for peace were located in the south eastern side of the spire. As all the other fours of the outer ring were occupied by the blood thirsty tribes, the need to fortify this side of the Spire must have become quintessential.  To hinder the entry of the tribes of this dogma, the Hades tribe had splayed additional bunkers down south to form an almost impeccable wall.

But almost was not immaculate, it could be a small fissure but a fissure nonetheless. Poseidon had sketched the actual plan of the spire and its newest extensions, it was the product of his scrutiny while he was held captor. God knew how he managed to squeeze out of this marine battlement, but it was the reason he had such panache. They had first taken east and then they had turned west, they steered forth and then they had zeroed in on the bunkers. The calculation had been on the money, they could now see the space between the two bunkers, one of which had been iced.

The other bunker was being marred by the embracing lines of water. They were now actually swiveling on dangerous grounds, if they strayed a bit, their flesh would have to sink.

Zeus was looking closely; he scanned the surface of the water. His nerves strained as he zoomed in on the morbid waters, foot by foot his eyes kept moving, and on a certain point it stopped, a structure articulated from rocks. He looked up and even in that liquid darkness it was not hard to detect an incoming projectile.

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