Why me?

Its goes inside a 15 year old girls life story of how she is bullied. As you follow louise through here tradgic life of bullying you will realise that just how cruel they really are. But everyone one has there side of the story even the bullys. you follow jane and see just how she comes to bullying and why she does it?


1. The start

I was only 9. Thats when Jane started. At first it was just name calling.Slag,fat,whore.I didnt think much of it, but 2 years later it got more serious. Jane was smashing my windows and spreading rumors that I was a prostitute. boys would joke and say "tena a go louise". Every night I would cry myself to sleep tears all over the pillow case. My head would be twisted and I would blame myself. 6 months later things got even worse and I turned to self harm. i was cutting my wrist by the age of 12. The insults where getting to me more day by day and each day i would harm myself in one way or another. By 13 i had turned to Canabis and i didn't care about anything I didn't wash. I was becoming a "tramp" they would chant it in the corridors and class. I felt lower and lower everyday. My family noticed my changes and tried to get some information out of me, I would just turn it around in there face and make them feel like it was there fault. Jane hit me for the first time when I was 15. By this time I was a state. Tears struck my eyes. I was still to scared to tell anyone, that inner fear was holding me back from just saying something to someone. 

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