I'm here..

"He died 2 weeks ago.. But how can i still feel his lips?"

This is the story of a woman fighting to find out about the truth of the afterlife and her long lost boyfriend..


2. I'm here..

I went to see her. Everyone said she was the best of the best and i couldn't fault that. She's beautiful you know.. Madame Gazelle.

She told me that she had already seen Ben and that he is missing me loads.. So i went with her into a room that was colder than a freezer. 

"It has to be cold" she explained, "else they wont come here"

We sat down at a table with a glass on.

"Look into the glass please"

I looked into the glass, closely with a false hope that i didn't think would work. 

"Come Ben, Annie is waiting for you"

I looked closely into the glass and i saw him. I saw him with his golden hair and his soft pink lips. 

"One last kiss before i go?" I heard him whisper. A tear ran down my face as i heard him say this.. We had that what last kiss..

"I'm here" he whispered as i felt his tear on my cheek. 

"I'll never love anyone else" I whimpered 

"Oh yes you will" he cried "You will and you will be the happiest person alive, just remember i'm here and i will always be with you!"

"I'm here" echoed in my brain for the rest of my life..

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