Blind Love

Aimee is in love, but things aren't as they seem. Her boyfriends perfect, her family is a caring family, her besfriend is there when she needs him. But as she opens her eyes she sees the reality. Betrayal opens an oppurtunity to love, but then doubt crashes in will Aimee be able to handle the lies and save herself?... And will she choose the right person?...


5. Trust

I creeped into the room slowly, on the look out for any type of monitors. "The coast is clear" Rachel puffed out passing us. Marquis wobbled with me towards the corner where most of my friends usually stay. "You stay in this room, okay?" I told Xavier putting him in a practise room. "But baby!" I hushed him and locked him inside.

I walked to my locker quickly taking my instrument out. I hadn't noticed there was someone behind me, I looked back expecting it to be one of the trumpet cases I had stepped on. But there stood Xavier looking at me with an exaggerated scared look in his face. I giggled, "Baby! You can't get mad! I got bored and I missed you and-" I kissed him quickly not letting him finish. A grin appeared in his face, "oh so you want to play it that way" he said winking. He held me by my waist and pushed me back "Xavier! No we'll get caught" I blurted out. "No one can see us babe look the stands cover us" he said leaning in for a kiss. I felt his lips move in a swift motion making mine move, almost like a dance. "Well look at whose here" Xavier and I parted to see who discovered us. "Drake?... What do y-" "get this... This thing out of here before I call Mr. Harrison" he said cutting me off. Thing? I repeated to myself, I suddenly felt the urge to defend Xavier. "Hes not a thing, and why are you butting in this?" I said angrily. "This is my band room and I don't want him here, he shouldn't even be here in the first place" he said towaring above me, "It's all our room! Not just yours and he just came to-" Xavier made a light cough holding my hand. "Fine... Where leaving, you happy?" I said looking at Drake furiously. He just nodded and watched us walk away, "Aimee!" He called, "don't turn around..." Xavier let out softly. I squeezed his hand lightly and smiled up at him, "I won't" I whispered back.

We walked slowly holding hands, he stopped outside and grabbed my stuff. He laid it down softly, I looked at him confused "you'll see" he said smiling. He took hold of my hand and dragged me "where are we going baby?" I asked giggling at the same time. He slew down and waved his hands signaling the corner where the two bar fences met. "What is it exactly?" I said laughing, he gave me a sly smirk "are you telling me no one... No one has brought you here?" He said. His smile gave me chills, "no..." I said getting closer to him but instead he pulled me onto the bars. "Xavier! What are y-" he hushed me.

I looked back and saw him looking through his phone. Suddenly I felt the urge to slap it away from him, fury built up inside me. I pushed my urge away, leaving me confused why did I want to do that?... I asked my self lost in my thoughts. I was too intrigued in my thoughts to notice that there was a song playing. When I finally came back to reality I squealed and blushed. "Kiss me slowly by Parachute!" I squealed out, "I know, this song..." He drowned off not finishing his sentence. He came closer to me and we kept our balance against the fence. I felt his body press against mine. I felt the tingles again as he traced his hands on my arms. He grabbed my hands and he slipped his fingers in between them while at the same time bringing our arms together, wrapping them around me. "You know I love you right?" He said softly feeling his warm breath in my neck. "Oh you do?" I asked back flirtatiously, "more then you can imagine" he said this time putting out both our hands. It reminded me of the scene in the titanic, where Rose and Jack are on the dock of the boat. "Oh Jack never let me go" I said giggling, "Never ever Rose not even if that Ice burg hits" he said pointing. I acted as though it where really there, "oh no! Where going to die!" I said in a very dramatic voice. "Well even if we die" he murmured holding me tighter then originally, "we'll die in each others arms". I felt myself turn red, I turned my head slightly and gave him a small kiss. He turned me around still trying to keep the balance between us. He kissed me slowly and softly 'kiss me slowly...' the song in the background sang. It was all perfect, I finally found myself happy. Free of worry, no pain, just this man that loves me and our hearts beating as one.
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