Blind Love

Aimee is in love, but things aren't as they seem. Her boyfriends perfect, her family is a caring family, her besfriend is there when she needs him. But as she opens her eyes she sees the reality. Betrayal opens an oppurtunity to love, but then doubt crashes in will Aimee be able to handle the lies and save herself?... And will she choose the right person?...


2. The inevitable

I woke up to my usual routine, 'good morning:)' the familiar text from Xavier said. I smiled and instantly answered back, something about our relationship was different. I could sense it, 'hows miss candy doing;)' he replied fast. Once I was done fixing my hair I grabbed my stuff and yelled "Mom, I'm ready!". 'Better then yesterday, thank you again:)' I sent the massage with a smile on my face. I looked out the window as my mom drove looking at the familiar roads. My phone vibrated and I quickly grabbed it 'that's my job to always make you smile:)' Xavier sent, I smiled and didn't notice that we had arrived at school. "Bye honey have a nice day" my mom said with a smile, she seemed happier then normal. I walked into the familiar fine Arts building, "Hi mee mee!" Rachel said waving inviting me to sit next to her. I waved hello back but declined to sit "have you seen X?" I said looking at the floor, "nope why? Am I not as important as him?" She said in a teasing matter. "No, its that I have to talk to him" I said trying to keep a straight face. "Well look who's coming behind you" she said smiling I looked back immediately hoping it was Xavier.

To my surprise it was Drake, "Drake?" I said surprisingly. I gave him a tight hug but he hesitated quickly letting me go, I looked at him confused. "Whats wrong?" I asked him scared, "we need to talk" he said dragging me over to somewhere more private, my heart began to race. "Aimee... There's so much going on... I can't take this anymore" he said holding his head, "W-what do you mean?..." I said my voice shaking terrified of what was coming. "This isn't working out between me and you... Its not going to go anywhere" he said looking at the floor, going anywhere?... What did I do?... These questions began going through my head. "Why?..." I said tears filling my eyes, "maybe we just need to see other people" he said simply. I looked at the floor sobbing, didn't he understand I need him? "I'm sorry" he said holding my hand I pulled it away and looked at the floor hoping my face was hidden by my hair. I felt as though the floor was shaking under me, as though the building was going to collapse yet I couldn't move. "Aimee?..." He said putting his hand around me, I flinched and just walked away. He didn't run after me or call my name, I didn't look back either not giving him a single chance. "Wheres your lover boy?" Rachel said winking, I tried holding back the tears but they fell instantly. "Aimee?" Rachel said getting up I grabbed my stuff and ran, "Aimee!" Rachel called behind me but I kept running away.

I stopped at the restroom and threw my stuff down. Tears fell like a heavy rain storm, I sobbed not caring who came in. "Aimee?... What happened?" I heard behind me, it wasn't Rachel, it was Kelsy she locked the door behind herself and looked at me offering a hug. I nodded no looking at the ground, I was a mess but I didn't want pity. "Aimee please tell me?... You know you can trust me" she had a point when she said that, even though we hadn't talked in a while I could trust her. "Drake... He dumped me" I said sternly standing up straight, trying to fix myself. Unfortunately the little power I gained I lost, tears didn't stop. She came closer and looked at me I was taller then her by a few inches, she gave me a hug. This time I didn't decline it, I knew I needed it. "He's an asshole, he lost one of the best" she said grabbing my shoulders looking at me with a small smile. I didn't say anything, in a way I agreed. I turned around and looked in the mirror I began fixing my hair and splashing water in my face. Once I was done I looked back to normal, but my eyes where still blood shot red. "Do I look okay?" I asked Kelsey trying to smile. "Yea, but if you smile like that you won't convince me or anyone that knows you as good as I do" she said handing me my stuff. "Aimee its time to go to class... Will you be okay?" She said with concern I nodded and put my bangs in my eyes hoping it covered it up.

The bell rang and I took a seat I tuned out the teacher and just laid there, close to dead. My heart felt wrong and useless, a machine gone wrong. "Aimee?" Clarissa said poking me, I quickly looked up, "I heard that you and... Drake aren't you know..." She said unsteadily. I didn't want this, I couldn't handle it. I just nodded and laid down again my head buzzing.
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