Blind Love

Aimee is in love, but things aren't as they seem. Her boyfriends perfect, her family is a caring family, her besfriend is there when she needs him. But as she opens her eyes she sees the reality. Betrayal opens an oppurtunity to love, but then doubt crashes in will Aimee be able to handle the lies and save herself?... And will she choose the right person?...


7. Remembering the beautiful past

I wiped my tears looking in the mirror, who was I really? Just another girl out of the millions? Nothing special. "A measly no one..." I repeated to myself tucking my silky hair behind my ear. The door bell rang and all that guilt and sadness disapeared from my face, I took a deep breath and walked to open it. "Hi Xavier" I said smiling, in the inside I hoped and prayed that he didn't see my sadness. He came in and held me close, I held him tightly. "I missed you baby girl" he whispered softly in my ear kissing my neck. I felt the tingling again, this sensation that was once so rare to me was becoming familiar. "I missed you so much too baby... So much" I felt guilt run over me again. How could I have been crying and thinking about someone else and then telling an amazing man, that was now mine, a complete lie.

I invited him in and sat him down in the dining room. He looked around as if it was his first time to ever walk in my house. "I can't believe it..." He murmured so softly, not intending anyone to hear, "what babe?" I said. "Nothing" he said with a beautiful smile, I smiled back blushing a bit. "I could have sworn you s-" "Baby I'm hungry!" He said lowly interrupting me. I laughed saying "okay wait here I'll feed you just wait" he smiled and sat down in a chair never leaving his gaze off me. I walked away defeated, but I still wondered... What did he mean?...

I took out the plate that my mom had left for me from the fridge. I also took out another plate and grabbed some of the left overs my mom left and heated them in the microwave. As I counted down the seconds left for the food to be ready I closed my eyes. I remembered when I first met Xavier, my freshmen year and he was already a Junior.

We where sitting down in an assembly and I was left to fend for myself. "Stupid Rachel... I knew I should have-" "you do know its not good for you to talk to yourself right?" He had told me smiling sitting beside me in the bleacher. He startled me, surprising me on the fact that someone was actually aware of my existence. "Uh y-yea, I'm sorry its just that I had no idea anyone was actually paying... Well umm... You know" I said unsteady, really? Make it confusing for him, I thought scolding myself. He giggled a little saying "well yea I was... You know..." I giggled turning red stuttering out "hey, its not n-nice to mock someone". His face grew surprised "I was not mocking you" he said playfully I grew even redder, whats wrong with me? I asked myself. "So why aren't you down there? Aren't you like a cheerleader?" He said pointing down at the cheerleaders as they made their cheer. "Uh no, I'm actually the one on the bleachers blowing my guts out" He gave me an awkward look it made me feel rather stupid. Not until a few seconds passed did I understand the look, "oh no! I'm in the band! I blow in my instrument... Uh wait no!" I laughed nervously. I felt stupid I had made a fool of myself and I couldn't even speak correctly, "its okay, Ms. Nasty, blowing on instruments during my game". I giggled looking down hoping he hadn't seen me grow red.

Throughout the whole assembly he kept me company, he wasn't like the other usual football players. That's what had caught my attention, he made me laugh and talked to me as though me and him have always known each other. As the assembly grew to a stop I found myself not wanting to leave, "so want to give me your number?" He asked flirtatiously. "Wait a minute you haven't given me your name" I said suddenly realizing the fact that I hadn't asked. He held out his hand "Xavier, a pleasure to meet you" he leaned down and kissed my hand softly I turned red again 'dammit why do you make me feel this way?' I asked in my head. "Aimee" I said as he looked up at me, he was so close to me more then he originally was. His lips only inches away from mine and my urge grew bigger. Like magnets that needed to connect, we both leaned towards each other but at that moment the assembly was over. With that a guy came between us "oh excuse me" he had said. I quickly separated from Xavier, "hey! What the hell?!" He yelled at the guy and ran after him. I assumed it was his friend and watched him run off, I grabbed my things and stood up. As I looked around for Rachel I told myself, "he forgot to get my number..."

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