Blind Love

Aimee is in love, but things aren't as they seem. Her boyfriends perfect, her family is a caring family, her besfriend is there when she needs him. But as she opens her eyes she sees the reality. Betrayal opens an oppurtunity to love, but then doubt crashes in will Aimee be able to handle the lies and save herself?... And will she choose the right person?...


4. Lunch

"No, no you missed a spot! Right there!" Xavier said leaning in to kiss the corner of my lips. "Mmm, ketchup!" He laughed, I giggled holding his hand tightly. I was happy to the extreme point I couldn't stop smiling. Xavier didn't let go of me not once, whether it was just as simple as holding hands, to a long romantic hug that lead to a romantic kiss. He observed me, I was in the middle of chewing my burger when he stopped and stared. "W-what? Is there something on my face?" I said cleaning my mouth, "oh no there's nothing". He kept observing me I smiled and grew red, "what?" I said laughing. "Your so so beautiful... I can't help but stare at an angel" he said putting his face in his hands. "Aww" I said blushing I hid my face but before I could cover it entierly he reached out for my hand and held it tightly. "Don't hide your beautiful face or else everyone's lost!" He said smiling, kissing me again . His soft lips pressing against mine; the electric shock that made me tingle. I really did love him I couldn't believe the way he made me feel... so alive.

We parted and I smiled feeling my cheeks turn red. "Aimee?..." I froze, I felt as though I had been caught doing something wrong. Xavier turned around to reveal who was the voice, I didn't get it wrong unfortunately. "What do you want Drake?" Xavier said standing up, "Really Aimee?... You would have a boy friend after only ten minutes... And I wanted to apologize make you mine again... Wow I guess not". Drake shook his head "I didn't want you back..." I muttered not looking at him, what I had said though was true. "You heard her... Go on! Leave!" Xavier said shooing him off, I looked down as he departed. "Aimee don't worry... Hes gone now..." He tried taking my hand but I hesitated, "whats wrong baby?..." He said. I didn't look up, my eyes where swelling up with tears, I shouldn't cry... I should be happy, I told myself but the thought made me feel even more helpless. I felt Xavier's arms wrapped around me I felt safe and comforted in them, "Aimee he's gone... You have me now..." He said quietly. I looked up and kissed him strongly, I tasted my own tears. "I'm sorry I shouldn't cry... Its just hard..." He stayed silent and kissed my forehead. "We should leave" he whispered and I nodded in agreement, we walked out. Xavier holding me in his arms, his support was all that kept me on my feet.

The final bell rang and I almost ran out of my class. "Mee mee! Why are you in such a hurry?" I heard Rachel call behind me, I waited for her. "I need to see X, I need him" I told her trying to urge her to go faster. "What happened between you guys? Its not like your going out?... Wait...." She said stopping me. She looked at me for a while trying to figure out that I was in love. My smile creeped into my face, which was like taking a bull horn and yelling at her the answer of her passed question. She started squealing and jumping around, I laughed at her reaction I couldn't help but freak out with her. "When did all this happen?" She said walking faster, finally! You get my urgency I told myself. "Lunch" I said smiling, "about time! He took long enough making his move!" I looked at her confused "wait what?". "Aimee... C'mon... Your serious? You didn't know he like loved you?" She asked looking up at me shocked. "Actually I had no idea..." I said dumbly she just put her hands on her face. We arrived to my destination I saw Xavier waiting looking down at his phone. I wanted to run to him to feel his warmth, his skin touch mine. "Xavier!" Rachel called, she was pointing at me and making a heart with her hands. I blushed and slapped her lightly, Xavier ran towards us and he held me tightly. "I missed you baby girl" he said softly, he looked at me and kissed me slowly. I felt happiness again, I didn't feel lost anymore. "I missed you so much more baby... I needed you" I said after the kiss. Rachel coughed to show her existence, "hi" he said acknowledging her."Aimee! Lets go get your stuff then you can come make out!" She said forgetting about Xavier, I nodded but as I was letting go he didn't. "Babe? Your forgetting something" I said laughing, "No I haven't let go have I?" he said smiling. I blushed and walked with him beside me, the reason that he couldn't fallow me was the fact that no one was allowed into the band room. Only members where allowed.

He walked behind holding me by my waist. "Will I get in trouble?" He whispered into my ear, I felt his breath touch my neck. It gave me shivers, "y-yes" I gasped out. His lips touched my neck kissing it softly, I shivered again. It gave me tingles and I knew he felt it too. P
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