Blind Love

Aimee is in love, but things aren't as they seem. Her boyfriends perfect, her family is a caring family, her besfriend is there when she needs him. But as she opens her eyes she sees the reality. Betrayal opens an oppurtunity to love, but then doubt crashes in will Aimee be able to handle the lies and save herself?... And will she choose the right person?...


6. Could it be love?...

"My hands float up above me... And you whisper you love me..." I sang along to the lyrics savoring his touch. The tingles where still in my lips. Like an echo in the air. " Take my hand and give it to you, now you ow me all I am you said you will never leave me I believe you, I believe..." those words secured me that I was truly in love. He wouldn't hurt me and I believed in him.

As I put my stuff inside my house I couldn't help but smile at the memory of the events that happened. "Why are you so happy?" My sister said giving me a confused look, "what I can't be happy for once?" I said in a annoyed tone. "Oh well I kinda assumed that sense you broke up with Drake you would be..." I shot her a look that scared her. She knew better then to ask, "I heard from Clarissa... She wanted to see how you where doing"'that little snoop... Why dose SHE want to know?...' I asked myself growing angrier. "I'm just fine... Don't talk to her anymore okay? Shes a snoop no better then gossip spreading" I said walking away, Liliana didn't stop me or argued she knew better.

"Mom?..." I asked popping my head into my moms room. "Yes?" She said looking up at me, she didn't bother getting up. It was her nap time me and Liliana usually never interrupted her but I needed to ask her a question. I sat on the bed and began, "is it bad if after they dump you... Like you get a new boyfriend?..." I looked at the floor suddenly regretting asking her in the first place. This time my mom sat up, "why do you ask?" She said leaving my question unanswered. From there I told her about everything, about how Drake had dumped me, how their was a possibility of infidelity. Then I started telling her about lunch, and how Xavier kissed me, I touched my lips smiling I told her everything; the titanic scene, and how I felt something more then just liking him. After I was done she pulled me into a hug, "oh honey... Today has been a long day huh?". I nodded letting her caress me for a bit. "Well, Aimee your young, its normal and Xavier and you have been best friends sense freshmen year" she said looking down at me, "I don't think that its love yet though, your too young, love is something that you won't feel till your older" she continued. I hugged back my mom not saying a word, "thank you mom" I said smiling As I left the room though I felt that she was wrong. I knew this wasn't just another relationship that will end, I knew this had to be love.


I laid silently in my bed, my thoughts were passing through my head like rush hour. The events where finally going through my head; being processed and digested in my brain. The thought of Drake didn't make me sad and as though I missed him, instead it made me angry. But then I thought about Xavier and everything else would disappear I loved him no one could make me deni it. I closed my eyes and remembered the feeling that he made me feel, the magical kisses that he gave me. Suddenly I hear a hum coming from my backpack, "My phone!" I said to myself rushing to it. 10 unread messages, "well I'm popular" I told myself snickering. Five of the messages where Xavier they all had little love notes and for me to pick up; one of them was Kelsey asking if I was okay. I had worried her it made me feel bad, it wasn't my intention to scare her. Three of the messages where from Rachel also asking if I could pick up the phone. The last one surprised me. I stared down at it, 'Aimee lets talk please... Text me' I read it to myself. Then I doubled checked the contact, I hadn't read it wrong... It was Drake.

I stared down at my phone for a while, in shock. I went back to Xavier's messages 'I'm sorry I took long baby, have you eaten?' I sent him smiling I wanted to invite him over. I missed him, I didn't tell the whole world so no other person could really tell just exactly how much I missed him. 'Hi sorry I took long' I forwarded to Rachel and Kelsey, that saves me time, I told myself coming to the last message I wanted to answer him, to forgive him, to get back to how it was before. "No" I told myself deleting all the messages, better to just forget him... Starting with all this, I told myself going to his contact profile. I looked at it, our picture was posted on it, I was smiling and he was giving his bright smile too. That day was one of the good times, before the other had appeared. I had convinced him to take a picture of us together, 'Okay, only because you asked me to' I remembered him telling him. "What happened to you?...." I said softly feeling sadness overcome me. Ever so slowly I deleted all the memories of him, the ones that made me remember... The ones that made me cry.
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