Blind Love

Aimee is in love, but things aren't as they seem. Her boyfriends perfect, her family is a caring family, her besfriend is there when she needs him. But as she opens her eyes she sees the reality. Betrayal opens an oppurtunity to love, but then doubt crashes in will Aimee be able to handle the lies and save herself?... And will she choose the right person?...


3. A miracle

The next bell rang and I almost ran out, I couldn't stand people and their gossip. Like backstabbing me millions of times, "yea he dumped her for...", "Oh my god what a whore, poor Aimee...". I hated it, did they not see me there? I walked passed the people feeling naked. I drank a sip of water from the water fountain and waited for Rachel. I felt the rail and it reminded me of Drake. He would wait with me, and at times made me late. I looked up and Drake was right there, "Aimee... Are you okay?". I didn't look at him, I kept telling myself to be strong. "I'm sorry okay? I just needed to... don't be telling the whole world though..." He said getting a bit closer. "Me?... Your the one telling the whole world, I get it you don't want to be with me... Just leave me alone" I said my voice cracking. I saw Rachel and she waited, I walked fast but he held me back, "I won't... I love you" he said holding me close. He leaned in for a kiss but I moved away, I didn't want to give in. "If you loved me you wouldn't have dumped me" I said pushing him off. On the way to the Art room Rachel didn't comment or say a word. "Aimee its okay" she said softly as I set my head down. This was going to be a long day.

Lunch time finally came and I was relived. I walked the hall rather slow I wasn't hungry, I just wanted to get distracted. People passed by me as though I was a ghost, I didn't mind, that's what I wanted.

Someone poked me and I turned quickly, for a second I expected Drake. Xavier smiled and hugged me tightly pushing me back away from the rushing traffic. "Aimee!" He said backing up smiling, I smiled back. He always had that effect on me; his smiles where contagious. "Where were you?" I asked pushing him playfully, "I've been here, what are you talking about!" He said making me laugh. "Where are you going to go eat?" He said shyly, "Um, the cafeteria why?". "I'm going to whataburger, and I was wondering if you wanted to come..." I blushed slightly and giggled, "I'd love to go, there's just one small problem" I said. He looked at me worried, "what is it?..." He said, "I have no money" I said laughing he smiled sighing with relief. "I'll pay don't worry" he said poking me, I smiled and agreed.

On the way there we talked about weired things that have happened, but the cruel reality finally hit me. "Did you fix things with Drake?" He asked making me feel my head buzz. I stayed silent, I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to admit that I couldn't fix it. "We aren't... Together anymore..." I stuttered softly, I thought he hadn't heard me over the roar of the cars. But it seemed like he heard me loud and clear, he brought me to a hug, I tried not to cry and break down. "Aimee... Don't be sad, hes the stupid one your like perfect its his loss" he brought me out of the hug. He tucked my hair behind my ears and observed me for a while. I did the same, his light brown eyes filled with worry. Then I began observing something more, his dark skin and his short hair, Xavier was very attractive. Most girls had a crush on him, but he didn't trust anyone too easily. He trusted me immediately, 'something about your personality' he had told me.

My thoughts came back to the present and I watched him. He caressed my cheek softly, he mumbled something but I hadn't heard him. I didn't ask him to repeat it, he leaned in slowly. I closed my eyes and there was the electrifying moment. His lips touched mine for the first time, he pressed softly. I kissed him back wrapping my arms around his neck, his hands made their way around my waist bringing me closer then I had ever been to him. The sidewalk we where in suddenly faded from my mind, it became paradise. His kisses still so soft but with passion, my heart was racing making me become week in my knees. "I- Love- You" he mumbled between kisses, that's what he wanted to say I told myself thinking about the words that he had kept to himself. It felt as though the kiss lasted hours when only a minute passed.

As our lips parted I looked at him still dazed, "I love you Xavier" I mumbled back. I had never said I love you to anyone, Drake was going to be the first. Xavier looked at me smiling, and then cuddled me in his arms. "I've been dreaming about this for so long" he said blushing, I could feel him. I didn't blame him I was as well. He let me go out of the hug, no, no, don't let go... I need you I told myself suddenly terrified. But he held my hand tightly, "don't worry, never will I let you go... I need you too" he said reading my mind. I blushed and giggled, I leaned in for a quick kiss and parted. As I was parting though he pulled me in for a longer kiss. I got the sparks, I felt the love and passion. Our lips meeting, the way he caressed my face softly; with such delicacy.  He parted softly and kissed my cheek going down to my neck, then he came back up and kissed my eye lids. "That's for all the tears he made you shed" he said brushing my hair out of my face, I smiled feeling myself grow warmer and red. "Blushie, blushie, blushie!" He said laughing poking my cheeks, I laughed as well, blushing even more. "Well lets go to get some f-food?" I said stuttering he nodded and giggled. He held my hand walking me... Protecting me. Through out the walk all I thought was about that kiss and how things would be much different from this point on.
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