Dancing with death

The year was 1781. A young girl saw her best friend die. Everybody thought it was an accident. But i knew it wasn't. It was murder. But no one listens.

Amy Branton comes often in the tavern in the village. Her parents don't know. One day, a stranger visits. Amy has never seen him before. Anyway she knew who he was. Her best friends murderer. She want's to kill him. End his miserable life. But what can she do when she have felled in love with him?


2. The ball

I where standing on the balcony, watching the skies move. It was a beautiful dance on sky. The soft moonlight dipped the whole lawn in a elegant silver color. Torches lighted a square covered with amazing marble, where the guests should arrive. My feminine and elegant ice-blue dress whistled softly in the warm summer breeze. My farther have bought me brand new jewelry, and the diamonds sparkled in the silver moonlight. I smiled for myself.

Guests started to arrive on the marbled square. I turned around to walk inside the dark ballroom behind me, when I saw a figure on the lawn. It moved slowly so t won't be seen from the guests. It was a person trying to sneak into the ball. But the guards handle that.

The darkness wrapped around my thin body. I could hear the laughter and talking downstairs. The guests are on their way to the big hall for dinner. After eating they will go to the ballroom for dancing. I opened the french double-doors to the great marble staircase and walked elegantly down to the crowd of people. I searched for my best friend, Elena Blackwool. She was standing beside her tall mother, who where talking to another woman I didn't knew. I got eyecontact with her. I walked smiling the last couple of meters to her, and gave her a big hug. "I have missed you", I whispered into her ear. "To long time since left", she smiled happy. Elena worn a stunning gold-colored dress and very flattering jewelry. Around her neck hang a golden chain with a ruby cut to a beautiful rose. We proceed through the high wooden doors to the big hall, where stunning tables has been put. Me and Elena was sitting right next to each other. After the quick dinner all moved outside to the great marbled square. In the crowd Elena was lost from my side, but I knew i would find her outside. After almost a quarter where she haven't showing up, I decided to go early up in the ballroom. My steps echoed in the fronthall. The corridor where the ballroom where, was completely empty. No guests or staff was up there. I moved quickly to the french double doors, but it was already open. I pushed the glassdoor open, in took a step inside the lighted ballroom. The curtains for a window was flapping in the wind. The sound of a some one grasping took my notice. The sound came from behind a pushed over table. A crystal was was splintered in the middle of the room, so glittering splints was spread all over. I took a few insecure steps forward the table. Walked so i could see what was behind. But i already knew. Not inside my head, but inside my heart. I had not even seen what was behind the table, but i started screaming. Of pain and sorrow. I ran to the table and threw me down to the bloody body. Elena's face was smeared with blood. There was blood in a little pool around her. A thick and sharp piece of glass stud from her chest. She looked at me with painful eyes. They where screaming for help. Screaming with words there never would come out aloud. I was screaming for help! i was panicking. Dying inside. But i couldn't safe her. I couldn't safe my best friend for death. A man came running into the bright ballroom and ran fast over to me. I was sitting in foster position. Dead or alive, i didn't knew and i was also uncare. My best friend, Elena Blackwool, was dead. Now, her body was a bloody remain of that beautiful and stunning girl she was in life. My dress was covered in blood, but i wouldn't move. The man pooled the glass out of her chest and threw it at the wall. It splintered to a thousand and yet a thousand pieces. People was streaming to the ballroom. But I didn't move. They said it was an accident. She fell and dropped a vase. She fell on a splint and tried to pull it out herself. Then she fall over the table and then lied bleeding to death. I didn't believe them. This was to cold, to evil, to be an accident. This was murder.

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