loving someone you can't have

I'm entering this story in a Bliss Mag competition about my celebrity crush. Who is he you ask? I guess you'll have to read and find out how our love story pans out...


1. who am I?

You're average teenage girl. That's who i am. We've all got our favourite celebrity, our favourite book, our favourite film but mines different. Most girls my age crush on the upcoming artists who look great but don't always have the whole package... Well not in my eyes anyway.Does anyone know what it's like to feel a truly undescribable love for someone you know you can't have?

I do.

Sitting on the old park bench , i'd pluck the perfect, peachy petals from the delicate stem of the biggest flower i could find and do the same thing a lot of girls do but won't admit to, 'He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me' and so on but it always ended on what i didn't want. He didn't love me. I mean who am i kidding, he has probably never seen me or heard of me in his 18 years of life but i've heard of him and i've seen him too. I just wish he'd notice me.

He may be in a successful band but in my eyes he's a soloist tugging at my heart strings. His soft, brown locks and luscious, green eyes- as green as spring meadows, reach out to me, entising me in. There was never any eye contact at his concert, not even a smile from him to me but in my mind we were alone together, him singing quietly to me, almost a lullaby. His heart-warming smile and dimples to match were enough to melt my heart. When you feel the butterflies in your stomach, you know you care for someone and i just hope he cares for me too.  

Whether he knows me or will ever know me, i hope this makes him realise what he means to me.



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