The Secrets of Capricorn

If he had the choice between changing a single person’s life and changing the world, what would he choose? If it means giving up all that he’s ever loved, would he really take that place for the one person he cares about the most and stand in the front row, armed and ready to fight against the Last Apocalypse?


2. 0.1

‘Sunday 3rd September 2098: Genetically engineered (male) foetus created in Capricorn Laboratory by Dr Jang Junsu PhD’

Junhyung began to flip through more of the ‘SO-1 experiment’ files. His eyes widened in shock, but most of all, amazement.

‘By 2109, ‘SO-1’ had already grown to the physical appearance of an adult male.' He repeated the words that he had just read in his mind. There were seven different Polaroid pictures attached to the sheet of paper with a small, silver paperclip. He removed them from the page to have a better look. Looking through each shot just enticed him even more. He was practically dying to see ‘SO-1’ for himself. He though that the experiment in itself was completely and utterly phenomenal.

He flicked a few more pages until he reached ‘Monday 22nd December 2112’. ‘The death of Dr Jang Junsu PhD’ was typed clearly in bold at the top of the page. Before retrieving the piece of paper from the brown card folder, Junhyung grabbed his now-warm cup of white chocolate mocha in his right hand.

It was a cool, autumn evening and as usual, Yong Junhyung was seated in the lounge, at the back of a French café, The Parisian Night, by himself, with a ‘borrowed’ case file from Capricorn Laboratory.

Junhyung was a twenty year old university student studying Biological Science. However, putting aside this particular course, his main interest was Genetics. He always found things such as Cloning and IVF to be very fascinating topics in Biology. From when he started high school, he could never not pay attention in Science. He would always come home and have random conversations with his mother about the things he had learnt that day. His Science teachers would always comment about his teasing behaviour towards the other students in his class. He was no doubt, the most energetic and the most knowledgeable in Science Set One.

Every Tuesday, Junhyung would sneak into Capricorn and obtain a file from the lab’s underground archive. It was his way of relaxing after a hard day’s work at university. It was his way of killing his spare time. He’d rather sneak around illegal laboratories than work in his mother’s salon.

He had designed a duplicate card key for the laboratory, giving him access to the main building and he had acquired the password for the door to the archive from a scientist who worked there. He was good at sneaking around and grabbing things when people weren’t looking. He was just lucky enough to pick the right object to unlock the secrets of Capricorn.

Of all the files that he had come across, this was by far the most interesting of them all. It was extremely rare for him to find a file that he would ‘investigate’ for over three hours at least.

He brought the cup of coffee to his pink, heart-shaped lips and took a few sips before putting it back down on the translucent table. He took the piece of paper he was about to read out of the brown folder and placed it onto the surface in front of him.

He skimmed through the words and paragraphs until he reached some information that seemed quite stunning. He began to scan that particular paragraph continuously, so that his brain could extract and soak up the important details.

Dr Jang Junsu PhD, 35 years old was declared deceased this morning at 11:27am. The cause of death is still unknown. However, Dr Jang was found with multiple lacerations to the inner thighs, shoulder blades and hips. The loss of blood from these wounds, from these particular areas was insufficient to be the cause of death. His heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and eyes had all been removed. It’s suggested that they were stolen to sell on the Black Market.

There were no potential murder weapons found at the scene, and the amount of evidence found was not enough to suggest a murder.

‘The amount of evidence found was not enough to suggest a murder.’ Those words were now clearly imprinted on the flesh of his brain. How could it not be a murder? Even if Dr Jang didn’t die straight after the injuries, someone had to have done that to him. And he had been a victim of organ trafficking, so it was most likely a murder. How could he people in charge of the investigation not notice that? Unless of course they were trying to hide something important. But even then, wouldn’t there have not been a filed report of Dr Jang’s death?

He continued reading. The questions in his mind started growing from one to a countless number. He couldn’t keep up with the report; there were too many flaws, errors and missing pieces.

‘There were no suspects.’ That was going too far now. There had to be at least one person who was a potential suspect. Anyone, be his mother, his wife, or even someone at the lab. Someone had to have been his killer. Having wounds like that isn’t an outcome of an accident, of any sort. Dr Jang Junsu was killed, and the police and the crime scene investigators had obviously missed something out.

Junhyung put the paper back into the folder, in its exact place and sighed. He was giddy; excited by the unsolved case he had found. But, at the same time, the thought of him finding out the truth behind the mystery seemed too good to be true; almost impossible. His heart was pounding harder and harder. He couldn’t give this up now. He was too far into it, too deep. He needed to solve this case himself so that his mind could finally be at peace.

Still, if he was going to be giving up solving the ‘death case’, he would at least try to find out more about ‘SO-1’.

‘Hmmm. Maybe one day, sometime soon, I’ll be able to meet this fascinating ‘SO-1’ for myself. Hopefully anyway.’ He smiled to himself before packing up all of his things into his light-brown leather messenger bag and heading out.

He wasn’t going home; he was going to find ‘SO-1’. He just couldn’t resist the opportunity. He wouldn’t rest until he saw the perfection that was locked up away from the eyes of the world and its people. Even if it was for only just one minute, Junhyung was going to fulfil his heart’s desire, his only wish right now.

‘SO-1’, the only word he could think of at that precise moment. He needed to see the beautiful creature that had been created by Capricorn. It was phenomenal. No-one had ever been able to breed such a thing. He wondered how Capricorn could be the only one to do so.

His heart was racing and his hands were shaking violently. He had to do it. It was now or never, and he chose now.


Junhyung’s heart was pounding mercilessly as he stood outside the entrance of Capricorn Laboratory. He became hesitant for a second. What if he got caught? What would happen to him and his mother? She always told him to stay away from Capricorn. He usually lied about his whereabouts and said he was with his best friend Doojoon.

He took a deep breath and let out a small sigh. He slung his bag with his sweatpants and his spare hoodie over his left shoulder, pulled his fake card key out of his back pocket and swiped it in the card reader.

‘This is it.’ He thought to himself as the door slid open, letting him in. He stepped into the building and stopped for a moment to slip on a pair of black, leather gloves. There was no way he’d be stupid enough to leave his finger prints everywhere. He adjusted his black baseball cap and put on the pair of sunglasses that were hanging off the opening of his black, three-quarter length shirt. He straightened up his black, leather jacket and headed further inside.

The walls of the laboratory were bright, glossy white, as if they had just been painted, and the floors were made of matt silver steel. Each door of each room was made of double glazed glass and was bordered with white metal. None of them had handles; they used censors, only opening when they detected thermal energy within a one meter radius.  Although Capricorn was an underground lab that dealt with illegal experimentations, that did not mean that it would be of a less standard than any other governmental laboratories in the world. Capricorn was just one of the four secret, high tech labs situated in the constellation.

Junhyung wandered through the different rooms and corridors, and ran as quietly as he could down at least five flights of stairs of the laboratory until he reached a room at the end of the abandoned hallway on the bottom floor. Before entering the room, he examined his surroundings. The floors and walls were damp and grey and were made of purely concrete. There were no other rooms or doors in this particular hallway, the only things that inhabited the dank place was a few stacks of wet wooden crates and rubbish such as scrunched up paper and crinkled plastic sheets.

He stared blankly at the door for a moment. It was unlike any of the others in the lab. The door was made out of wood, which had started chipping from its corners instead of glass and metal, meaning that it was not automatic. This struck Junhyung as odd, considering that Capricorn was one of the top funded labs in the country. So, what was so different about this room? Was this just a storage room, or where the scientists of Capricorn hiding something? Either way, Junhyung was going to find out. He had to, to relieve himself.

Junhyung knelt down on one knee and lowered his head, so that he could align his right eye with the brass keyhole. He wanted to have a sneak peak at what types of things would be inside instead of potentially risking his life and taking one small step inside. The whole room itself was quiet and dark. By looking straight ahead, he could see a small, square shaped bath in the middle of the room. The liquid which was contained in it was bubbling violently and was a dark shade of mantis. He could see a smoky gas leak from a thick, damaged pipe in the corner of the room. Behind the bath, he could just about see a large, glass container with a vague, fleshy-coloured object floating in the centre of it. ‘Could that be...?’ He finally stood up, caught his breath and placed his hand on the rusted doorknob. Before he opened the door, he checked his surroundings for the last time to make sure nobody was watching him before he slipped through the unsteady door.

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