At War (Old Version)

*OLD VERSION! :) There's a newer one published now. :D*
Two princesses are fighting a war for their father's throne. Now, they must inherit their father's mighty battle dragons, and end the war, one way or another... But who will win?


36. Princess Lyrae

The 'antidote'. When I told Korae she was gambling with Owen's life, I wasn't lying. She was... She has. The antidote, I might say, will heal Owen, though not quite as well as others, for this one, though it draws out the poison, will also force him into a state of paralysis for the next six months.

Perhaps I should have told her that before I gave her the antidote, but no matter; she'll just have to be without her best friend for the following six months. And anyway, the other, better antidotes were too far away. He'd be dead by the time she found any.

Oh well. I'm sure she can find another fool who's been deceived into following her, and trick them into being her faithful hound until the last one recovers.


When we reach my own territory again, we're greeted by one of the border scouts, whose name I do not know. He calls us down from his horse, flying a red flag as proudly as we can.

"Blaze, down," I say, and he flicks his mighty tail, swooping down to land beside the scout.

"Forgive me for asking, Princess Lyrae, but why are you out here?"

I grin at him, then gesture to Lief.

"He was poisoned after saving my Lieutenant, you see," I say. "And now, we've recovered the herb, so that we may save any others felled by the same poison."

The scout nods.

"Well, my apologies for interrupting you, Princess. And my thanks for the conversation."

"Hardly a conversation," I laugh. "But yes, it was pleasant to meet you."

We say our farewells, and with that, Blaze opens his wings once more, and heads to the stronghold.

The counterattack starts soon.

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