At War (Old Version)

*OLD VERSION! :) There's a newer one published now. :D*
Two princesses are fighting a war for their father's throne. Now, they must inherit their father's mighty battle dragons, and end the war, one way or another... But who will win?


24. Princess Lyrae

We are now in Korae's territory. Just one dying man, two who are injured and one who is too young, but fights anyway.  Oh, and a dragon. Against Korae's whole army- unless we manage to get Lief healed, and leave before Kai has a chance to kill us all. The odds are small, and, as I settle down to sleep that night, I tell Lance and Nero,

"You don't have to come."

They both give me a sarcastic look, and shake their heads. A tiny smile creeps onto my lips- they will stay by my side until my death, and there will be no telling them otherwise. Yawning, I curl up, and close my eyes. 

Sleep comes easily.


It's Nero who wakes me, shakign my shoulder with an air of urgency.

"There's a small troop of eight of her men- none of them anyone vital to her army. We'll kill them quickly, and nobody will hear them. You have your bow?" Nero hisses. Wearily, I sit up,m reaching for my bow and nodding. Lance loads his crossbow, and gets ready to attack, as Nero, who was on guard, gets his bow ready for killing.

"We take out the ones at the back first, so their commerades won't hear them. You know what to do, make sure to pierce them in the right spot to stop their speech," Nero reminds us. Me and Lance nod, and follow him into the darkness.


Eight dead men later, we return to Blaze and Lief. I feel almost sick. They stood no chance- is it right to kill like that?

But they were Korae's men, and those were the people who would kill Lief if they had the chance. The whole point of all of this is to save Lief, and we couldn't just let them kill him. Sighing deeply, I close my eyes once more, wishing that I could somehow stop the killing. 

And that is why I must kill Korae- to end the war, and end the killing. The only question is; how?

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