At War (Old Version)

*OLD VERSION! :) There's a newer one published now. :D*
Two princesses are fighting a war for their father's throne. Now, they must inherit their father's mighty battle dragons, and end the war, one way or another... But who will win?


16. Princess Lyrae

Nero, who has forced me to walk with his aid, is leading me to the separated ward of the infirmary where Lief is being kept. Only the soldiers who are close to death are brought here. And Lief, I fear, is most certainly one of them. 

With much agony, I walk, dreading my best warrior's condition, leaning on Nero's shoulder.

"It's my fault," he is muttering. "I'm so stupid. It should be me instead of him."

"It's not your fault. It's Korae's," I growl. I hate her. It is her fault Lief was on death's door; her fault so many of my men lay dead or wounded!

A weak moan of pain brings me from my thoughts. I look to the patient in the nearest infirmary bed, and see Lief, writhing in agony.

I hardly recognise him.

Painfully, I drop to my knees beside the bed, with Nero by my side. Lief gives a violent twist of agony, screaming out in pain. Then is still. 

"Healer," I call out, my eyes watering with tears. "What's wrong with him? It's poison, isn't it?" 

The bitterness of my own voice surprises me, but I don't care. I hardly notice the tears that fall down my own face until one drops onto my hand.

"Yes," a healer replies. I bite my tongue. 

"There has to be an antidote," Nero growls, stealing my words before I have even said them. I glance to him as Lief gives a sharp intake of pain. His eyes are determined.

"There... There is. But it might not work, and, if the patient isn't strong enough, makes the death even more painful. If you went to find it, you'd need to take him with you, My Lady. Or he'd run out of time."

"Just tell us where it is."

"It's hard to get to, Lord Nero. You'd need to take the dragon, and Lief with you. Even if you do get to it in time, and he is strong enough, it would be in an extremely dangerous place, and you don't have the time to take your army. Just the dragon, two warriors to keep you safe, and the patient."

"Tell us where it is!" Nero's voice is almost desperate now.

"In Princess Korae's territory, Lord Nero. Right next to the base of her army."

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