At War (Old Version)

*OLD VERSION! :) There's a newer one published now. :D*
Two princesses are fighting a war for their father's throne. Now, they must inherit their father's mighty battle dragons, and end the war, one way or another... But who will win?


25. Princess Korae

An hour or so later, whilst I am sitting on my throne, listening to my squire's report, the royal messenger comes running in.

"The men we sent as lookout.... They're dead." He cries, tears in his eyes.

"Where? Who sent them?" I ask, leaping off the throne.

"Owen, while you were ill. Follow me." He states. Taking my hand, the messenger looks me in the eyes, his expression hard to decipher, before running over the threshold and across the courtyard, down the winding steps hidden deep in the hill (Very hard to run down in a dress, but what can you do? At least I wear combats) and through the tunnel onto the open terrain, where eight bodies lie dead, arrows in every one of their throats. I squeak, much to my horror, and tears spring to my eyes, I didn't know these men, but they fought for me with bravery, and now they have all died in vain. It is death like this which spurs me on to fight, if I lose than they will have died in vain, and I cannot allow that to happen. I have to end this... But how?

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