At War (Old Version)

*OLD VERSION! :) There's a newer one published now. :D*
Two princesses are fighting a war for their father's throne. Now, they must inherit their father's mighty battle dragons, and end the war, one way or another... But who will win?


5. Princess Korae

We, back at the castle, hold the finest funeral we possibly can for those who have died today in my service. Some of our greatest warriors were lost today, others, though lacking slightly in ability, still fought valiantly until the bitter end. I will get back at my sister (what a terrible word) for this, she will regret the day that she dared challenge me. We are seventeen, we are no longer those naive seven year olds who used to frolic and play together in the fields. Well, I would attempt to get Lyrae to, anyway. But this war has gone on long enough, lives have been lost, families torn apart, all for the service of two young princesses. However, I will never stop trying. I will fight for my rights as Queen, for I was born first, and I will swear that until the bitter end.

So I gather my troups, or what is left of them, look them up and down and know that it isn't enough, but it is all I have and I will make the most of things. My dragon, my beautiful yet deadly, white glimmer of hope stood before me, daring me to take a chance, something the old Korae would never do unless the odds we certainly in her favour. But I am not that Korae anymore. I changed.

With one single, tiny nod, I mount my dragon, she quivers excitedly underneath me, her glorious scales hard as steel as she prepares for battle, and together, we launch into the sky.

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