The Shot

David gets into a bar fight and unknowingly gets involved with gangster, Antony.


5. The Purchase


   David knew he was in trouble. In the short seven minute span that involved him knocking out Slugger Joe and retaliating against Antony made him a wanted man. He was in danger and he knew it. The gangs in Russia did not have a reason to kill the innocent; most of the times, it is for fun. The least of protection he would have to buy was a gun and so he did just that.

‘Hey listen. My friend, Jones told me to call you. Said that if I needed some metal, you were the man to call.’ David nervously swallowed.

‘Well he was certainly right. Meet me in twenty minutes at my house; you know where it is. If you don’t, find out,’ Marko replied. David rushed to Marko’s house, which was six blocks away. He reached five minutes early, panting and heaving heavily. He entered a coffee shop and ordered a large and strong espresso. He needed it after the painful, insomniac night he ordained while trying to sleep after receiving the injuries. Two minutes before he was due, David walked to Marko’s apartment. It was a tight and poorly constructed building, with blocks of houses randomly put together. He reached the entrance of the building, its walls shedding paint. The steps had grooves in them, filled with cigarette butts. He walked to the third floor and saw the door to Marko’s house. The only way to distinguish it was his house was the initial ‘MM’ visible to the right of the doorbell. Everyone in Belfast knows never to ring a bell; always knock. Knocking softly, he patted his left pocket, which contained the $3,000 for the gun.

‘Enter,’ Marko whispered through the crack in the door.


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